How to Make Teak Wood Shine

How to Make Teak Wood Shine

How to Make Teak Wood Shine

How to Make Teak Wood Shine. Welcome to Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture. We specialize in furniture manufacture. In everyday life, we can be sure to be very familiar with wooden furniture. Since ancient times, wooden furniture has become the main preference of the people. However, if you are observant, often wood furniture is dull due to lack of maintenance.

In fact, caring for furniture with wood material is very easy. You can do it yourself without the help of a professional craftsman. Below are some tips that you can try to make the furniture at home even more sleek.

1. Caring for wooden furniture

Home furniture made of wood such as chairs, tables and cabinets can easily be dull and weathered. In order for wooden furniture to look clean again and more durable, you can mix several materials to treat wood. The ingredients needed include water, cooking oil, and a little orange juice. If the material is finished mixing, you can dip a rag made from a soft t-shirt into the solution. Then, wipe a soft cloth to the wooden furniture, do it repeatedly for maximum results.

2. Make Wood Furniture More Shining

You can apply a thin layer of wax paste on the wooden furniture for 5 minutes then brush gently. Let the polished furniture sit for 30 to 60 minutes. After that you can brush again until the wood surface glows again.

3. Cleaning Carved Furniture

Old teak furniture often has heavy carved ornaments. You don’t need to worry about cleaning the engraved part. Just prepare a soft cloth, soft brush, and solid shoe polish. Shoe polish color is chosen according to the color of the furniture. To do this, you can first clean the surface of the furniture. After that, dab with shoe polish paste. After that, rub with a soft cloth repeatedly.

4. Burning wood furniture

You can polish old wooden furniture by using crushed candlenuts. It’s easy. Wrap the ground hazelnut powder in a cloth and apply to the furniture. The oil that comes out of the hazelnut collision serves to polish the furniture. You can continue to rub the surface of the furniture repeatedly. Let stand, then you just wipe with a clean soft cloth. If you don’t want to use hazelnut powder, you can replace it with tea water. Apply in the same way.


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