Indonesia Jepara Furniture Manufacturers

Indonesia Jepara Furniture Manufacturers

Indonesia Jepara Furniture Manufacturers

Indonesia Jepara Furniture Manufacturers. We are the largest teak furniture manufacturer in Indonesia. Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture has been a teak wood furniture manufacturer since 1993. Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture is a Jepara furniture company. Furniture company located in Jepara City.

Teak wood furniture is a mainstay for those who want to equip their home and outdoor furniture. You need to know that, there are several teak kinds of wood, namely Perhutani teak, Golden Teak Wood, and people’s teak wood.

1. Perhutani Teak Wood

Perhutani Teak Wood (TPK) It can be said that this is the most special and special type of teak wood. Because this type of teak wood is treated directly by the Department of Forestry. The growth period of Perhutani teak is very long from 20 years to hundreds of years, each logging of Perhutani teak must be selected first to ensure that the wood is standard according to Perum Perhutani or not.

The Advantages of Perhutani Teak Wood
– Has a very dense wood fiber
– Perhutani wood is very strong and strong among other teak wood.
– Has a nice texture and color and is more lively
– Straight and large diameter logs
– Contains lots of natural oils
– Has a controlled and maintained quality

Lack of Perhutani Wood

Of course, with the very good quality compared to other wood makes Perhutani wood has an expensive price.

2. Gold Teak Wood

Gold teak wood is the most widely cultivated and developed teak by the community because the teak tree of the type of gold teak has a faster growth period than other types of teak wood. In just 7 to 15 years, this tree has grown big and is ready to be cut down. With that age, gold teak wood is ready to be used and made into furniture such as tables, buffets, chairs, cupboards, bed frames, and others. it’s just that this golden teak wood has a slightly larger pore.

The Advantages of Teak Gold Wood
– This wood has straight stems and twigs
– The price is cheaper compared to Perhutani Teakwood

Lack of Gold Teak Wood

a lot of sapwood (sunken wood parts) are usually often found at the base of teak trees so that when cutting usually gold teak is not cut to the bottom of the base, but only to the extent that can still be utilized
Durability Gold teak wood is at a moderate level compared to other teak wood.
water content is quite high

3. People’s Teak Wood

Most people’s teak wood has bent stems, in terms of growth, the community teak has a longer growth period than the types of gold teak, the growth of the people’s teak is ready to be cut down and used for furniture production starting from 15-25 years, but with the duration, the growth period, making the pores in this type of teak is denser than gold teak wood. And sapwood on people’s teak wood is usually less.

The Advantages of People’s Teak Wood
– The price is cheaper than other teak types

Lack of People’s Teak Wood
– Has sapwood and high water content
– Has a pale color

t has long been known as the name of Jepara furniture. Furniture from the City of Jepara. The origin of Jepara City is also because of its good and very durable teak wood for home furnishings, offices, hotels, hospitals, cafes, bars, or the like.

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Why Teak Furniture, What are the Reasons?

Furniture companies will offer a large selection of types of wood that will be used to make furniture. Usually, furniture companies will also ask for furniture that is produced later for indoor or outdoor. If it is used for indoor furniture, it can use wood whose strength under teak can be used. And the most often used for indoor furniture is mahogany. One reason people choose furniture from mahogany is that it is cheap and has good wood color.

When used in outdoor areas such as on porch houses, balconies, gardens. We as a furniture company suggest keeping using teak wood. Because with teak wood, your furniture will be more durable, not easily damaged, and certainly will last. Either from its shape or from its color. Teak wood is famous for its tight arrangement.

In the Indonesian furniture company Teak Wood Furniture, to eliminate the moisture content in wood using an oven. So that the wood is really dry. So later the production results will also be better. Not fade in terms of color and not easily weathered.

We recommend buying Jepara furniture, you need to be careful. Because now many companies are cheating using young teak from the community and then only in the oven to dry the water content in it. To find out the actual Jepara teak wood, you can check the product results. You may request a photo or live streaming during the production process. You may also request a video during the production process. It will be clear the size of the wood used. If the size is usually old teak wood. Or more than ten years.

Therefore, we recommend that you choose a Jepara furniture company that is trusted and proven credible. Like us, Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture is a member of the Wisanka Indonesia company that makes Jepara furniture. We have experienced making Jepara furniture and exporting Jepara furniture since 1993. We have completed many Jepara furniture projects both domestically and abroad. Besides Jepara furniture, our project also serves Jepara furniture orders for shops, cafes, bars, hospitals, or others. Please, you can contact our marketing via live chat below to explain your furniture needs. Or you can also send an inquiry here.

We also serve orders of furniture according to the design you requested. Our design team will also help you to realize the furniture dream you want. Want a classic furniture model, old models that are no longer manufactured, modern models, natural furniture models, or models like you. We are willing to help design to realize the dream of furniture according to your needs. For example, you have a boutique in the city of X, so the size of the room. I want furniture equipment that is unique to my business so we can help. The above is just an example to explain to our marketing.

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