Outdoor furniture is generally placed outside the room such as terraces and parks that will be exposed to heat and rain and weather changes. Therefore the material used is also not arbitrary, it must be made of material that is strong and resistant to all weather.The type of wood used is also more limited, such as teak furniture mixed with iron or stainless steel, so that furniture is not easily damaged. In addition to teak furniture, durable plastic and stainless steel materials are also the right choice so that furniture lasts longer.
Actually the type of material used in outdoor furniture and indoor furniture is not much different, only different in quality. The use of indoor and outdoor furniture must be precise so that damage can be predicted and avoid the possibility of accidents or mistakes due to improper furniture conditions. Especially for outdoor furniture that is in direct contact with the ground, it will be more quickly damaged such as porous, weathered, cracked or deformed.

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