The following is an overview of some of the furniture products that we produce at Jepara Furniture Manufacturers. There are various kinds of furniture products that we produce for the needs of consumers in the country and abroad.

We export furniture to all countries in the world. Good for the needs of shop furniture, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, offices, housing, tourist attractions, etc.

We also serve the manufacture of furniture for furniture projects. Please send us the furniture design you want to make. punctuality and quality that made the furniture company since 1993 and survive to this day.

The minimum order at Jepara Furniture Manufacturers is one small container. You can mix it with various kinds of furniture. So that one full container can be fulfilled. You can also joint venture with your friends to buy furniture so that one container can be fulfilled.


The mainstay of our company is teak furniture. It has been proven that furniture made from teak furniture is much more durable than other types of wood.


The need for furniture for homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, tourist attractions, cafes, etc. is so great. Here we provide several options for indoor furniture. If the following indoor furniture options are still lacking, you can request a furniture catalog from our marketing. The trick is to chat directly via live chat below.


We have the highest quality outdoor furniture products. By using good materials and production processes, our outdoor furniture has a long life.

We understand the needs of our customers. Modern furniture products, quality furniture products, and have a long life and can be purchased at low prices. All of that can be purchased at Teak Wood Furniture Manufacturers.

The furniture category products above are only a small part of the products we have. For complete product updates and prices, you can ask in our live marketing chat below.

We are very happy if we can serve you to help choose the best furniture product for you.