IFEX 2022 [Indonesia International Furniture Expo]

Jakarta IFEX 2022 [Indonesia International Furniture Expo]

IFEX 2022 [Indonesia International Furniture Expo] – Welcome to Jepara Furniture Manufacturer. We are a superior quality furniture manufacturer in Indonesia with several branch furniture factories in Java. To complete various furniture orders from all IFEX customers in Jakarta, Indonesia.

After two years of facing the Covid19 (Corona Virus Disease-2019) pandemic, there are no furniture exhibitions in Indonesia or around the world. Because human movement at that time was very limited. Unlike now, there is a little freedom to hold large furniture exhibition events, but still adhere to the existing health protocols.

Jakarta IFEX 2022 [Indonesia International Furniture Expo]

We are very happy to see you again at the IFEX 2022 event in Jakarta, Indonesia. We have many furniture products, ranging from bedroom furniture, living room furniture, bathroom furniture, bedroom furniture, family room furniture, balcony furniture, terrace furniture, garden furniture, etc. All of us are packaged in a furniture catalog that you can ask for now at our marketing via live chat below.

IFEX Opening Times

You can meet directly with the Jepara Furniture Manufacturer marketing tomorrow on 18-21 August 2022. At HALL D.040. Our team will have an IFEX 2022 Jakarta exhibition. We are happy to connect with you. You can contact us via live chat first. When we are at the Indonesia Furniture Expo 2022 location, we can easily provide an overview of the furniture products you want.

IFEX Location

The IFEX 2022 event will be held at the Jakarta International Expo on 18-21 August 2022. The complete address is at Jalan Haji Benjamin Sueb Arena JIExpo RW.10 Kemayoran Village : Kemayoran District, Jakarta, Indonesia : 10620.
More details can be checked on google maps below.

IFEX Theme

The IFEX 2022 event carries the theme “REDEFINE / INSPIRE / INNOVATION“. Of course the furniture products we have are very different from previous years. Because we have produced newer, more innovative designs without risking comfort in use.

IFEX Visitor Registration

You can register as a visitor at IFEX 2022 on the https://www.ifexindonesia.com/register page. If you are a visitor from outside Indonesia, you can read the regulations regarding Covid-19 on the official Indonesian immigration page at https://www.imigrasi.go.id/en/covid19/covid19-1/.

Before attending the IFEX 2022 event, we recommend making an appointment with our company’s sales marketing. Then you can ask for a furniture catalog from the Jepara Furniture Manufacturer marketing. Before arriving at the Jakarta International Expo location, you can learn what furniture you need. Then on the appointed day you can meet with our marketing. You can explain clearly about your furniture needs. The last is the price negotiation process, the furniture production process and delivery.

Pretty easy isn’t it. So that you don’t get confused, you can directly chat directly with the Jepara Furniture Manufacturer marketing below. We will guide you so that you are not confused about choosing the furniture you want.

Enough of this article about IFEX 2022, hopefully it will be useful for all of you. Have a nice day while in Indonesia and get the furniture you dream of. Thank you


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