How to Buy Real Wood Furniture

How to Buy Real Wood Furniture

Real wood furniture is A home decor item that is still very popular forever. Because wood patterns help make the house unique. And the wood tones also provide a warm and cozy feeling. There are many people who are fascinated with real wood furniture in every era of home trends.

But first, we need to understand what it is Real wood furniture is furniture made of 100% real wood without any other materials. Real wood furniture is divided into 2 types, namely hardwood, and softwood. However, what is popularly used as furniture is ‘Solid hardwood’ which is strong and durable. Solid wood is currently considered a rare item because it is valuable to the minds of those who love real wood.

Difference between hardwood and softwood

First, let’s look at what types of real wood there are.

1. Solid wood

Solid Wood is a slow-growing tree. It took years to make it work. Therefore, there are more annual rings than softwoods. Its advantages are firm texture, strong and durable. Suitable for applications that require strength and weight (teak wood, ash, oak, walnut, mahogany, red oak, etc.).

2. Softwood

Softwood is a fast-growing tree, with wide rings, less grain, and less dense wood. therefore less strong than hardwood The advantage is lightweight, low price, and popular for building work that does not require a lot of weight. Of course, its durability is not comparable to that of hardwood.

Look at ‘real solid wood’ which is commonly used as furniture.

1. Teak wood

Teak is a wood with a dignified dark brown tone. It gives a feeling of solemnity and dignity, suitable for home furnishings. or a place that requires maturity. In addition, the core circumference of teak wood is very beautiful. If you want to make furniture that features a wood grain, that will be even more beautiful. Types of teak wood furniture This is also the wood produced by our company in Indonesia.

2. Ash Wood (Ash)

It is a wood with beige brown undertones. Gives a warm feeling like foreign wood The wood grain is definitely a mountain circle. Suitable for making interior wall decoration furniture People who like bright colors tend to choose ash wood to decorate their homes.

3. Oak Wood

Oak is a wood with a light brown undertone. going yellow gives it a modern feel but keeps it simple in decor. This is another color tone that responds to people who like warm emotions. The pattern is less than ash wood. Therefore suitable for modern style decoration Oak is a wood that comes from Europe, America, China, and Japan.

Red Oak Wood

Light to dark brown color. but towards a slightly reddish tone There is a visible deep splinter. The rustic wood finish gives a firm feeling. gives a simple feeling less wood grain than ash Popular and suitable for flooring (Hardwood Flooring)

White Oak Wood

Light brown color. The wood is yellowish-white. It has flakes more often than red oak. Including the wood surface will have a less rough touch than red oak. with relatively bright colors Therefore, it is very popular for those who like modern style furniture. or Scandinavia

4. Walnut Wood

Walnut wood is a wood with dark brown undertones. This wood is also known as brown color Gives a feeling of opacity, luxury, mystery, attractive, mature, not much pattern. Pasted with wavy patterns, glossy surface, suitable for making furniture such as: Dressing table, chairs, dining table will enhance the atmosphere

5. Mahogany Wood

It is a wood with reddish brown undertones. But the tone is softer than a walnut. Gives a smooth yet stable feeling, not much wood grain, but looks really good. Suitable for making tables, guest tables, dining table sets.

Choose Real Wood Furniture What to buy? And how to buy it? Choose to buy from real wood tones that you like.

  • If you like light brown tones Give the impression of airiness, comfortable on the eyes, you should choose oak wood. As very bright, consider white oak. If you like red-orange, consider red oak.
  • If you like neutral tones Light yellow keeps warm Choose ash or oak.
  • If you like brown, dark brown gives a dignified feel. We recommend choosing teak, walnut, mahogany, etc.

However, nowadays real wood furniture can change color by painting it. Buying from your favorite color tone May be appropriate in cases where a real wood color is desired. not pass the discoloration But if not worried at that time can consider buying real wood furniture from other factors

Choose From Wood Strengths

If the subject of wood tones is omitted from the equation Another factor in choosing to buy, it is inevitable that the strength and durability of wood. In fact, the exact order may be a bit difficult because several types of wood, although from the same species but the original Imported from different regions have different strengths, but mainly can be arranged in order of strength as follows:

Class 1: Very Durable => Teak Wood

Definitely a winner for strength. most durable The older the stronger No matter how many different types of wood are sorted, Teak wins by a landslide. without a doubt.

You can order finished wooden furniture through the Jepara Furniture Manufacturer website. Please explain to us what furniture needs you need. Whether for hotel furniture projects, home furniture projects, apartment furniture projects, restaurant furniture projects, or others. We also serve wholesale furniture from several product categories that we have.

Class 2: Durable => Mahogany Wood

Mahogany from Indonesia is more durable than other countries. In Jepara Furniture Manufacturer has a catalog of mahogany furniture. You can request a mahogany furniture catalog via the live chat below.

Class 3: Durable Enough => Walnut Wood

There are different types of walnuts. In some areas in Indonesia, walnut wood thrives. So that its utilization can be used for the manufacture of useful furniture. Walnut wood is considered a very durable wood.

Class 4: Durable Enough => White Oak Wood

Oak is quite complex. Varies according to the type of oak. But in general, white oak is slightly more durable than red oak.

Class 5: Slightly Durable => Red Oak Wood

Red oak is less hardy than the other wood species on the list. But it is stronger than ash wood.

Class 6: Not Durable => Ash

Ash wood is the least strong of all woods.


Total Buying real wood furniture must choose a suitable strength to use. and choose according to your favorite color tone to get a beautiful and satisfying home

Lastly, if you like teak furniture. whether vintage design Modern and elegant design or minimalist-Scandivian style Be sure to try visiting our catalog of the best quality teak furniture from us, Jepara Furniture Manufacturer via live chat below. We make every piece of furniture with care. and know the truth about teak furniture

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