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Teak Wood Furniture


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Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture, Teak Furniture Indonesia, Jepara Teak furniture, Teak Java Furniture

Indonesia teak wood furniture is owned and operated by Wisanka Indonesia. Wisanka Indonesia is an Indonesia furniture exporter and manufacturer established in 1993. Our teak furniture are solid teak furniture, laminated teak furniture, indoor teak furniture, outdoor teak furniture, teak wood furniture, teak garden furniture, teak root furniture, teak branch furniture, reclaimed teak furniture, teak java furniture, teak contemporary furniture, teak outdoor furniture, teak colonial furniture,

Our teak furniture workshops empowering local craftsmen in Jepara Central with years of experiences in handmade wood working and machinery woodworking. We produce our regular collection and accept custom design from our customer worldwide.

We are honored to invite you and welcome any opportunity to discuss your inquiry or your project with Indonesia teak furniture for all your retail, wholesale, designer, architect, project requirements.

Indonesia Furniture & Teak wood furniture

We have a large collection of furniture. Contact us via live chat below to get a complete catalog with pricelist. We only use quality materials and at affordable prices

Furniture Projects that We Have Completed

We accept any furniture project. Start hotel furniture projects, restaurant furniture projects, cafe furniture projects, hospital furniture projects, bar furniture projects, home furniture projects, etc.

To order our furniture products, you can contact our marketing via live chat below. Or you can also send an inquiry via the button below.

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Furniture project in GAIA COSMO HOTEL – YOGYAKARTA

Furniture project in NDC RESORT & SPA – MANADO


Furniture project in BURZA HOTEL – YOGYAKARTA


Furniture project in CL BREEZE, AUSTRALIA


Furniture project in ALSHEERA HOTEL & APARTMENT


Why Buy Furniture With Us?

Presenting the best quality and best services for our customers are our main target. We do neatly, in time, and with a wholehearted to process our product. Therefore, be the right choice to have a business partnership with us by considering the following :

We have been in furniture industries for more than two decades. We create furniture from many different materials in various design. Our expertise in this business is supported by our professional team. Our loyal customers reach in several countries, such as Japan, Chile, Egypt, Bulgaria, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Spain, Mexico, UEA, Libya, Lebanon, South Africa and many more.

We are fully aware that just as goods are beautiful if they have defects or are easily damaged it will reduce the value. Therefore, we have an excellent quality control team in each line in our production in order to ensure quality consistency in accordance with our standards. We are supported by reliable craftsmen and a well-managed production system that is responsible for checking from raw materials to ready products with details.

Our main material is timber, especially Teak Wood. All our timber is legally sourced from all around Indonesia Forest. All the consumption and usage of our woods are reported monthly and audited yearly by SVLK, Indonesia’s national timber legality assurance system, which is a mandatory legality and sustainability certification system built on a national multi stake holders consensus. All our wooden material is FLEGT Licensed timber under Voluntary Partnership Agreement with European Union (http://www.euflegt.efi.int/home). With our creativity and brilliant ideas, we develop this material and bring into products all over the world. Our production helps our environment to turn legal timber into more valuable products. In addition, we use an environmentally friendly finishing material using a water base as a solvent. Woven material and paint finishing are both safe for workers and our environment.

We ensure that our prices are competitive with other competitors in the market regards to quality. We provide wholesale prices with high quality.

We always give our best services with our best agent. We provide with manner and assist our customer from very first deal to the end. In addition, we open with further discussion for any complain about our product.

Our Shipment

Purchase Flow Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture

Purchase Flow

If you have your own furniture design or you want to order our furniture products, please contact us via live chat below or click the following button to send an Inquiry to us.


Teak Furniture latest info update

Get the latest Teak Furniture Updates here. You can learn a lot about the information we share through our blog. This blog is an educational tool for our consumers. There are interesting tips for you to try…

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Teak Wood Furniture Manufacturer, Java Teak Furniture Supplier, Indonesia Teak Furniture

As an Indonesian furniture manufacturer, we have produced so many items vary in term of size and also the usage. We have received orders from individuals and industries ranging from the small teak table into the big and special design also now we producing reclaimed teak furniture. Starting from a simple design into the sophisticated one. Among our Indonesian furniture products are a small teak table, coffee table, dining table, cabinet, bookcase, dresser, bedside, TV stand, chair, console table, bench, Wisanka furniture also produced teak garden furniture Jepara. At our gallery, we have samples of furniture for your reference and we are open to any special design in case you need something customized. Please visit our classic furniture site for your hospitality projects.


Welcome to Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture!

Indonesia teak wood furniture, Jepara teak furniture, Classic furniture JeparaWe have a large selection of furniture that always keeps up with market demand on stylish design, fine finishing touch and also environmentally friendly materials. We also have a reputation for excellence in providing indoor and outdoor teak furniture.


By our experience in supplying teak indoor and outdoor furniture, we will furnish your indoor and outdoor space. We have some collections for indoor use such as living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, bathroom furniture, loose furniture, and rustic teak furniture. And for outdoor use, we have some collections such as chairs (classic garden dining chairs, folding chairs, stacking chairs, bar chairs, lazy chairs, deep seating, etc), sofa, benches (2 seater, 3 seaters, 4 seaters, or backless bench, etc), tables (side table, coffee table, dining table, folding table, square table, round table, extension table, fixed table, etc), chaises lounges, steamer, lazy chair, deck chair, Adirondack, loungers, hammocks, parasols (umbrella), swing chairs, planters, bar cabinet, mini bar, serving tray, trolley, lazy Suzan, and so on. It has secured our position as the high-end indoor teak wood furniture and outdoor furniture company in Jepara, Central Java – Indonesia.

What is teak wooden furniture?
Teak wood furniture, Indonesian teak, Wooden teak furniture manufactureTeak wood is used for making boats, furniture, and other things that require resistance to the elements. Teak is used for outdoor furniture but is not recommended for full exposure to sunlight. Being more expensive than most other woods, teak furniture has become something of a status symbol. Teak furniture can be left outdoors all year round, even in extreme weather. However, if you live in an area with a seasonal climate you may wish to bring your teak patio furniture indoors or cover it over the winter to prevent it from getting dirty.

Our Indoor and Outdoor teak furniture are not only beautiful, but they are also strong, comfortable and durable. We use only the finest quality solid teak wood for outdoor and indoor furniture, and we select quality Tectona Grandis taken from Legal Forest Government by Perum Perhutani Indonesia. Furthermore, accessories for these indoor and outdoor teak furniture are inspected by our professional’s quality inspection.

Please enjoy and browse our teak furniture products and get the teak furniture with Fantastic price, Quality Products, Kiln Dried Teak Wood, Fine Super Sanded or Fine Finishing, Fine Packaging, and On-Time Delivery.

Indonesia Teak Wood FurnitureBest Indoor and Outdoor Teak Wood Furniture by WISANKA.

The definition of solid wood is wood that is still pure. This wood is cut down from the forest and can be directly used as material for making furniture. Some woods that can be classified as solid wood include teak, mahogany, tamarind, pine and so on. The wood usually has grown in the forest for years before it can be used as furniture material.
You can get classy and durable furniture by using solid teak wood furniture. There are many solid teak furniture products sold at high prices. To get genuine solid teak furniture, you can get it at Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture. We use old teak wood. The production process from the beginning to the solid teak wood furniture products to the hands of consumers is clear.
Solid teak furniture products that we make based on our customer requests. Starting from solid teak garden, solid teak outdoor, solid teak table furniture. If you want a solid teak root, we can also accept orders from you.
Many interesting choices about solid teak wood furniture in Jepara furniture manufacture Indonesia Teak Wood furniture. For more information about solid teak wood furniture catalog, please contact Indonesian teak wood furniture marketing.
Summer has arrived. Many people like to share happiness outside the room. As an entrepreneur, you definitely don’t want to lose like providing a great place to express people’s happiness outside the room. Such as creating an outdoor garden, outdoor restaurant, etc.
What you need is outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture needs to be designed thematically and blends with nature if you want to make a deep impression. For example, with the use of teak garden furniture. Why should you use teak wood for your furniture? Because teak wood can last up to decades. So you can save your money for the next few years to invest in teak furniture.
Then you also get a great view with teak wood patio furniture. The natural line art found in teak also adds to its strong natural character. Come on, to get teak garden furniture or teak patio furniture, you can contact our marketing via live chat below.

Contemporary Teak Furniture

Looking for modern furniture that is beautiful and strong enough to take time to look for it. Contemporary teak furniture is the right choice for those of you who are looking for modern furniture. Such as modern dining table furniture, dining chairs, modern bedroom furniture, contemporary bedroom furniture, etc.
Learn more about contemporary teak furniture, you can check our product categories in contemporary furniture. We are Jepara furniture. Jepara furniture manufacturer where we are located in the city of Jepara.
And provide a variety of furniture from teak wood that is super strong and good, as well as other types of wood. You can order furniture according to the design you have. So you can contact teak wood furniture marketing Indonesia via the live chat below.

Indonesian teak furniture manufacturer

Indonesian teak furniture manufacturer is a furniture company in Jepara City. Indonesian Teak Wood Supplier was established in 1993.
Indonesia teak wood furniture has been exporting furniture since that year. And Indonesia teak wood furniture, joining the Wisanka Indonesia group, has completed projects both domestically and abroad. You can check the teakwood furniture manufacturer project.
Indonesian teak wood supplier is willing to provide a variety of wooden furniture. You can also order furniture according to the design you want. Or you can also order furniture according to our furniture catalog.
Minimum purchase at our furniture company is one small container. You can join together with your friends to buy furniture at an Indonesian teak wood furniture company. So that one container can be fulfilled. For ordering, please contact our marketing via live chat below.