Factory Direct Furniture and Beds Warehouse

Factory Direct Furniture and Beds Warehouse

Factory Direct Furniture and Beds Warehouse

Factory direct furniture and beds warehouse. Welcome to the official website of Jepara Furniture Manufacturer. Jepara Furniture Manufacturer has been established since 1993, where we have been exporting furniture to countries in the world since then.

Jepara Furniture Manufacturer has completed many furniture projects. Both domestically, namely in Indonesia and abroad, namely in countries around the world. Why choose furniture products made from Jepara City ?. Because furniture products made in the original city of Jepara will be very different when compared to other cities in Indonesia and other countries. You can see the furniture project we are working on on the furniture project page. We cannot include wholesale furniture buyers on that page for privacy reasons for furniture buyers in our company.

A very striking difference is the quality of the wood used. It is quite difficult to tell the difference between a product with the quality of ordinary teak wood with original Jepara teak. The good news is at Jepara Furniture Manufacturer, you can check in person or via video call regarding the production materials we use. And the good news is that we use environmentally friendly materials and also meet legal wood standards.

At Jepara Furniture Manufacturer you can choose furniture products that we have made at the same time if you have your own furniture design and want to brand your designs, we can become a professional partner for you. There have been many buyers who have their own designs, then give their own labels produced at the Jepara Furniture Manufacturer furniture company.

We really value someone’s intellectual property. We will no longer produce your furniture designs if there is no production order from you. It’s quite easy and cheap to buy furniture in Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture.

Jepara Furniture Manufacturer has six factories to support the production of your ordered furniture. Regardless of the number of containers you order, we Jepara Furniture Manufacturer are ready to finish properly and on time according to the contract you made at the start.

To order or ask about our production, you can contact Jepara Furniture Manufacturer marketing on the live chat below, or you can also send an inquiry on the contact us page. We are online 24 hours for you. Please contact us any time you want. We will immediately reply to your order.

We need to inform you, please inform us which port is closest to you. This is important because we send orders to you by sea / ship. So you need to inform the nearest port to you to reduce shipping costs.

We are Jepara Furniture Manufacturer producing many kinds of furniture. Starting from bed furniture, classic furniture, teak furniture, teak wood furniture, wooden furniture, reclaimed furniture, recycled furniture, Jepara green furniture, etc. You can order easily via direct chat with our marketing.

Okay, that’s enough for our meeting this time. If you need our catalog, please contact our marketing along with the price. Furniture production results are good and do not disappoint. Greetings to your family at home. Hope you always be healthy and always happy. thank you


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