Indonesia Furniture Imports

Indonesia Furniture Imports

Indonesia Furniture Imports


Indonesia Furniture Imports. Hello, welcome to Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture. For those of you who are planning to import furniture from Indonesia, I will leak the easiest way for those of you who are in a country outside Indonesia.


If you are looking for furniture products made in Indonesia, surely all the websites say the products are good and quality. And many also say that everyone can export. Indonesia Furniture Imports


Please note for those of you who are still beginners in the field of importing furniture from Indonesia. First you have to make sure the marketing of the furniture you choose. We have some tips for you that you need to do so that what you buy right now is not in vain. And avoid cheating. The following are valuable tips for you to import furniture from Indonesia.


  1. Know what kind of furniture you need.
    Before starting to buy furniture, make sure you first determine what type of furniture you need. For example, you are an interior designer who needs furniture for the room you are working on. For example, you will need: living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, cooking room furniture, family room furniture, balcony room furniture, patio furniture, etc.

    Then the customer will certainly ask for what kind of furniture he wants. Do you ask for furniture made of rattan, teak furniture, wooden furniture, classic furniture, or reclaimed furniture? If this first thing can be determined, later you can determine what kind of furniture you need.

    For a furniture store, we recommend buying several sets of furniture. For example, a furniture set for the dining room, which consists of a dining table, dining chairs and a few other knick-knacks if you need it. You can also add lighting furniture from rattan, you can also add lighting from teak root furniture to make your dining room more beautiful.

  2. Look for the official website of a furniture company in Indonesia.
    If you think you have found what you need, your next step is to search the internet for companies that make good quality furniture at low prices.

    For example, we suggest several websites located in Jepara City. These websites are the official websites of the furniture company in Jepara City. The following are some of the websites for furniture companies located in Jepara City:
    a. Classic Furniture Manufacturer =
    b. Teak Wood Furniture Manufacturer =
    c. Reclaimed & Recycled Furniture Manufacturer =
    d. Jepara Wooden Furniture Manufacturer =
    e. Jepara Reclaimed Furniture Manufacturer =
    f. Teak Classic Furniture Manufacturer =
    g. Rattan Furniture Manufacturer =
    h. Lighting Furniture Manufacturer =
    i. Contemporary Furniture Manufacturer =
    j. etc.
  3. Contact there is live chat or not. My advice is live chat.
    Keep in mind that to make it easier for you to find what furniture you need, you can search for those with live chat features. This is important for you to make it easier for you next time. You can explain to marketing via live chat what kind of furniture you need.

    What size of furniture do you need. Or you can send a design for the size of the room that you want to put furniture in, to make it easier for marketing to provide the model you need.

  4. Request a complete catalog
    After you have passed the above steps, you can start requesting a catalog from the marketing. You can study the products they have successfully made. You can choose whichever furniture you need. Want from selecting the material you want, for example mahogany, teak wood, rattan, or others.

  5. Ask for a price list
    After you get the catalog you want, you can ask for the Indonesian furniture price list for the furniture you want. That way you can estimate the costs you will spend.

    Don’t forget to ask how much it costs for shipping. Don’t forget to inform the marketing, informing them of the closest port to your house. Usually the shipping costs will be updated every month.

  6. Ask for delivery photos during delivery
    What is no less important for you is the delivery photo at the company. Please examine the photos submitted by marketing. usually good photos include company logo photos, product photos and container trucks. If the photo matches the company logo and each product has an impact. You can consider choosing the company that you have chosen.

  7. Ask for a contact who can be contacted for fast response + company email.
    You can ask for contacts to get in touch with marketing. For example whatsapp numbers or marketing phone numbers. To facilitate your communication with marketing later. Don’t forget to ask for email marketing as well for official communications.

  8. The company has and fulfills a legal wood certificate.
    To make sure the company you choose has a legal wood certificate, please ask the marketing. That the company you choose does not get its raw materials from an illegal or unofficial process. Choose a company that is official and has a legal wood certificate.

  9. Ask for a video vlog of the production process / video call
    Last but not least, ask for a video vlog of the production process at the company. Or you ask for a direct video call with marketing that communicates with you. If the marketing says yes, the more confident it will be to go to the next step in the deal process.

  10. Ask for a video vlog of the materials used / video call
    If the company has obtained a legal wood certificate, the materials used should be good. There is nothing wrong if you want to make sure the materials used are really good for making furniture.

  11. Look for marketers who are fluent in English actively.
    You must also confirm these points by means of video calls or regular telephone calls. This will make it easier for you to process the next order. Explanation after explanation will make it easier for you to order imported Indonesian furniture.

There are quite a lot of furniture manufacturers in Jepara Indonesia. You need to be careful and careful to choose which one is the best. You can prove the top list for yourself the best service you receive. Starting from the service when you receive you when you first serve you and so on. 


All right, that’s enough articles on Indonesia Furniture Imports. Hopefully this is useful for you. Don’t forget to share this article. Hopefully it can be useful for many people. thanks.

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