Modern Apartment Furniture

Modern Apartment Furniture

Modern Apartment Furniture


Modern apartment furniture. Modern style apartment furniture is commonly used in the design and construction of housing / apartments today. With many advantages in spatial design, the use of materials is in line with the trends of the times. It can be said, from its inception to the present day, modern interior design styles are the most commonly used styles in the world. 


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With the development of the era, the need for furniture and interior design tends to modern furniture style. So what is meant by modern interior style? The basic features, features and lots of useful information about this style will be discussed in the article below.

What is the modern interior style of Modern Apartment Furniture?


The modern interior style originated in the 50s of the 19th century, which originated from the Bauhaus (German) design group. In the early days, this was considered a trend called Modernization which included all works of a similar architectural style in terms of simplicity in designing spatial forms and arranging free space. Later, the above concept was defined in an easier to understand way, namely the absolute termination of the classical style from antiquity.



Specifically, the modern style is not picky in the choice of motifs, even the interior decoration does not follow the order or symmetry. All the details are simple, simple, yet elegant and beautiful, creating an impression of luxury but still having something close.


Modern interior styles also prioritize using new materials such as glass, steel or concrete, to minimize impractical and flashy details. Primarily, all home furniture is focused on making use of function rather than showing useless sheen.


Characteristics of Modern Apartment Furniture styles


Each design style has its own characteristics that make it easy to see the difference between design styles. Modern style is also inseparable from that. The basic features of a modern interior style include: Decorative colors, design materials, Light elements and interior styling.


Color it in a Modern Apartment Furniture style


With the aim of creating a simple, beautiful yet serene space, the main colors of modern interior design are neutral, some of which can be named: yellow, pink, and blue. positive, beige, white … All these tones if used are quite pale, but in general they retain freshness, especially creating a sense of comfort and comfort for the home owner and for the guests. home visitors. It is very different from classical architecture.


 With each different color choice, architects are meant to help them understand the shape and alignment of the entire space. For example, to create elegance, the walls, curtains or ceiling will be covered with white, to add warmth the sofa will be wrapped in yellow or maybe the floor will be covered with quality light brown wood … The


owner does not have to use the color according to the formula above. Sometimes a bold decision will create a stronger and more impressive point in expressing a homeowner’s personality or aesthetic taste. You can study beforehand and filter the colors you want to use to actively listen to digital architect advice and be willing to discuss the perfect final decision.


Materials used in modern styles It


can be said that the materials used in interior design styles are very diverse. With the aim of optimizing space and functional use, modern styles have always known how to update the most advanced materials such as high-tech metals, tempered glass, natural wood, industrial wood, all kinds of decorative stones…. All of them combine to create the most comfortable living room.




However, the materials most commonly used in modern styles are concrete, teak, metal and glass. They can be used quite a lot to frame an apartment so that the home owner or architect can further decorate with the right decorations to create different spaces.


Divide the space in the house


An obvious feature when designing an interior in a modern style is the integration of a lot of space. The most popular today are the interior of the living room and kitchen.


In addition, sometimes the dividers between rooms are not very clear, but the functions used for family members’ activities remain undisturbed or messy. The reason is because: The modern style does not really focus on form, all the details from start to finish are naturally linked, not limited or principled, so they are easy to integrate.


Selection of modern-style furniture


If the classic interior style is always intricate and sophisticated with all items, including decorations to show off the glamorous beauty and show the power and wealth of the owner, the modern style will do it. the opposite. The furniture used in this style is of the utmost importance for function, with some constant questions when designing such as: What is it for? What’s the advantage of putting this thing in that position? Why choose one thing over another ..


 In beautiful houses with modern interior design, the presence of technology, utility items and industrial products is indispensable. In particular, plaster ceilings, smart partitions, mobile blinds … select teak wood furniture are all industrially produced using the most advanced machines.


In general, modern furniture, despite its simple design, is refined and carefully polished.


Should the interior design be modern in style?


This is a question that many investors are interested in before designing the interior of their apartment. Today there are many design styles you can choose from. Each style has its own characteristics. The method of selecting furniture and decorations is also different, so that modern-style interior design is always a safe choice according to the development trend of society, at a low cost.


Suitable for small house spaces


In the period of land grabbing, golden lifts, most apartments are not very large. It is not easy to design the interior to be complete and to ensure the aesthetics of every room. However, a modern style that features integrating space and reducing intricate details has become a perfect new direction. You can save a lot of free space, and also have open space to create an airy, bright for any room.


Smart interior design


Today, smart furniture is created to meet the need for flexible spatial conversion for small home spaces. Tables, chairs, beds and wardrobes can be cleverly designed to bring comfort to multiple families. Therefore, smart interior design can also be classified into modern styles based on the novelty and comfort it presents.


Smart interior design in a modern style can be transformed from living room to bedroom easily and comfortably. Only with fixed space but you can use it for various purposes which is the advantage that smart furniture brings.


You can easily view rooms and equipment with various functions. For example the living room can also be turned into a bedroom, a chair can be turned into a bed, a TV shelf can also be a bookcase … This is a new and exciting experience that modern style brings. House owner.


Minimalism – refined


interior design Minimalist interior design can be considered a distinct style created by the Japanese. The style aims for simple design, minimal decoration to serve the “simple Japanese lifestyle”. This was a new style that was born with the development of the synagogue. Minimalism in the Japanese style is often combined with traditional designs, in many countries the minimalist style uses materials, the simple decoration has a lot in common with the design style. modern “Compact” This style “though more or less” – Less is more – brings comfort to the soul, reduces the stress of thinking. Help people calm down.


Modern style home interior design Modern


style has long been one of the most popular and popular design styles. Not too fussy in design, materials that are easy to find, furniture that serves to decorate this style is also very diverse and popular, so many people choose modern interior design styles to decorate your home.


Modern living room interior design The modern


style used in the interior design of the living room is very popular. With a focus on solving supernormal abilities and space problems. However, modern living rooms are often designed with monochrome tones that are combined to create contrasting colors, thus creating an accent in the room. Modern living rooms are considered by many to be easier to design than other styles, but in order to bring sophistication and beauty, it is art, taking advantage of the experience of designing and using suitable materials. architect.


Modern living rooms are now very diverse, in each country or region, this style is used differently to bring the fit of the homeowner’s culture and lifestyle. However, wherever it is, the living room is the most important space, so it is often carefully designed and decorated, beautiful not only aesthetically, but also feng-shui.


Modern style is suitable for narrow living room spaces, condos and tube houses. Apart from a reasonable furniture layout, designing and selecting the right furniture in color and size is a very important job. Even though the space is small, it can make users feel comfortable and comfortable.


A design that is quite popular in modern styles is interior design with open spaces. By removing the walls that separate the living room, kitchen or dining room can be combined into one space. This helps the home save a lot of space, and creates a sense of security when the two of you can sit in one position and still have a comprehensive view of your home.


Modern bedroom interior design The


bedroom is a private space for each individual. This space is not influenced by the overall style of the house. This gives room owners more flexibility in choosing an appropriate interior design style. Interior style is also a very popular style in bedroom interior design that brings comfort and convenience to users.


The bedroom space in light colors is suitable for young people. Natural light and greenery have been used in their best ways to create comfort. Natural close wood material brings a feeling of peace and good sleep for the user.


The use of colors in modern interior design is quite diverse. Because this style can be suitable for designs for all ages. Comfort and toughness are always two key factors. Therefore, to create a modern living room, digital architects can use all kinds of materials and colors to provide comfort and convenience to users. The bedroom above is suitable for successful young people with ample space. interior decoration is simple, but brings a high decorative effect, modern and sophisticated.


This modern bedroom is quite extraordinary and impressive with its unique use of materials. Decorative natural stone walls offer a high decorative effect. Apart from that, the use of dark neutral colors to adorn the whites of the bed linen and the dim LED lights has brought a feeling of comfort which is suitable for homeowners’ rest afterwards. a long day. This design is perfect for the master bedroom space because the high cost of design and the combination of materials, furniture, light, and color requires a lot of practical experience from the designer.


Modern kitchen interior design Modern kitchen


space design has become a design trend in recent years. The use of modern kitchen support equipment such as: refrigerators, ovens, induction cookers, hoods … brings many conveniences for housewives. Not only does it make cooking easier, but the functional space is no longer affected by food smells like it was before, making it possible to make use of as much space as possible.


The modern style applied in the design of the kitchen space does not take up too much design space by making use of all the space with continuous kitchen cabinets, this helps to create more storage space for utensils. In addition, kitchen electrical appliances can also be hidden in interlocking cupboards to provide users with a lot of convenience.


In open spaces, most developers choose to combine the living room with the kitchen space, which brings many benefits, including: saving living space but also providing ventilation for the house. . The problem of food odors is almost completely resolved with a hood to help bring about a truly modern and comfortable kitchen space.


The inverted kitchen is a kitchen design, not facing the wall because the traditional kitchen table is designed in the middle of the room. This type of kitchen is very popular, designed for use in upscale villas and hotels because it looks so luxurious and unique, it can be used as a table or host a small barbecue party quite easily. This kitchen design has been around for a long time in much of rural Europe and was taken to a new level as architects have incorporated new materials and modern appliances to create luxury and comfort. for the kitchen.


Modern toilet interior design


Today’s toilets are quite important to help bring comfort to all residential projects. In today’s era, the toilet is also a space designed by many investors to combine a toilet with an independent bathroom. The room was decorated with trees and modern lighting.


The toilet room is usually designed in the secondary corners of the house so that it is quite limited by light. The best solution remains to use LED lighting to help save electricity in combination with brightly colored decorative tiles. This helps solve space problems while providing maximum comfort for the user.


In modern toilet design, material elements play an important role in helping the designer express his design style. In addition, decorative furniture also plays an important role in helping ensure the comfort of this space.


Basically there is no standard layout when designing a modern toilet so there are many different designs depending on the area used to design the toilet. In particular, modern design styles can also be used for small toilets. Like under the stairs or the toilet.



Modern style interior design has always been one of the styles that has evolved from time to time. Easily adaptable to many cultures, modern styles in each country are expressed in different ways. Overall, it remains to serve the purpose of bringing comfort and convenience to people.


Above is a summary of all information about Modern Apartment Furniture design that you can see at Jepara Furniture Manufacturer. Hopefully this article can be useful in the process of researching the interior design of your apartment. You must learn more and based on your needs, circumstances and financial conditions to get the best ideas and options.


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