Tricks Save Money for Recycling Used Items

Tricks Save Money for Recycling Used Items

Save money: use it again to not waste it

Tricks Save Money for Recycling Used Items. The environment we used to use and dispose of every day. In this article, We Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture has some tips for saving money by recycling wood and designing new furniture objects for your home.

You must remember that you can save money by creating a variety of new furniture or decorative and functional objects for your home without having to spend money. In addition, you can play with your creativity and collect something beautiful visually, with the colors and materials that you like the most.

In this article we give you some ideas so that you can use used objects to make objects that can be reused to save expenses.

How to save money by making small furniture objects

Reuse cans
If you usually eat canned foods such as beans or tuna, you can reuse the container. The tin is a sturdy material that can be used to make small furniture at home. Used cans can be used again for shelves or containers of small objects. Tricks Save Money for Recycling Used Items

Make a pot
It’s very simple: wash the can, remove the label or paper attached to it and then dry it well. You can paint the can and make a small hole in the base. So that it will fulfill the function of the flower pot. They are ideal for aromatic plants, small succulents or cacti. This is an interesting strategy to save money and not spend in small pots. By repainting the outside of the can, then you can manage it

save money with cans
Make a cutlery container
Medium or large cans can be subject to the same procedure mentioned earlier; in it you can store forks, spoons, knives and more. We always need additional containers to put our equipment.

Reuse the jar
Honey, jam, or preservatives in glass jars are often food in our homes. In addition, some brands have beautiful jars that are worth throwing away. What alternative is better than protecting them and making them the protagonists in our home?

Make a flower vase
Tricks Save Money for Recycling Used Items. With a glass bottle you can make a fantastic vase. You can apply a ribbon, paint it or decorate it with a washcloth. There are unlimited and very inexpensive ways to decorate it, and you can do it with the ingredients in your home. Thus, you will have new centerpieces, or hanging vases, if you want.

Wake the original lamp:
In the non-celebratory season, you will definitely have your Christmas lights garland stored in the garage. You can put it in a bottle that was previously decorated or not decorated and that’s it! You have not spent money and have made original lamps for your room or living room.

How to save money by returning old furniture
Following the concept of recycling, there are other ways to save money. You can restore old objects or pieces of furniture left behind and accumulate dust. Whether it’s a ladder, an old chest from a drawer or a chair, you can always give it a second life.

Here we present original ideas to avoid the buildup of old furniture that seems useless. If you already have something that you think will end up in the trash … think twice!

Make a new coat rack with chairs
If you have an old chair that no longer functions, has loose legs or broken wood, we give you a very original choice to turn it into a small coat rack. Cut the chair in two in the direction that you like best and stick it to the wall, before painting as desired.

This new small coat rack is very practical for the bedroom, for hanging towels in the bathroom or arranging your clothes for the next day.

Make a new coat rack with an old ladder
Like a suit rack, you can do the same thing with a construction ladder. If you don’t know where to put it, if you no longer need it or if the structure is unstable to use it, don’t throw it away! You can paint it in another color, retain its original color and paint it to protect it, or add a hanging basket if desired.

DIY coat rack with stairs
Surely it will function to hang objects or use them as decoration in some environments of your home.

Build shelves with old drawers
If you have damaged furniture in your storage room that no longer has a repair, or you don’t have a place to store it, you can make a very original shelf. Paint the color you like and hang it on the wall. This is an original idea that is also ideal for storing small objects. What’s more, you can add small hooks and key chains or necklaces from your new shelf.

As you will see, recycling is easy and fun. There are many ways to save money and reuse items that you already have at home.

Remember: if you want you can. If you don’t want to or don’t have to spend money, surely these ideas will help you renovate small spaces and decorate. It is always good to provide a second chance or a different function for everyday objects.

Before going to the market to find something new, save your wallet, look at the corner of your home and imagine.


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