Wooden Garden Furniture Clearance

Wooden Garden Furniture Clearance

Wooden Garden Furniture Clearance

Wooden garden furniture clearance. Hello, welcome back to the Indonesian Teak Wood Furniture website. This time I was very excited to welcome the summer. Because this season the weather is sunny and always want to continue to be eager to serve you.

Have you prepared everything to welcome the summer this year ?. Surely this year will be a special year for you in welcoming the summer. This year may be a little different from previous years. After the pandemic corona almost everything changed. May God always be with you and your beloved family.

Alright for you the players in the furniture sector have good news for you. We are currently in clearance of wooden garden furniture. Many special discounts for you to welcome this summer. You can also request furniture products with designs that you want we can make. Of course with the minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement for one small container. And we will process everything from delivery to completion.

Garden furniture clearance wooden. When talking about garden furniture, we recommend that you buy furniture with teak wood. Why does it have to be from teak? In addition to the good design teak has advantages that are not possessed by other types of wood. What is it? The following is more clear:

1. Very strong. So you can use it again for the following summer

2. Anti-termite. With the existence of natural oils that are in teak, make termites dislike and choose not to eat this teak. Besides, termites will not be able to eat this very hard teak wood

3. Not easily weathered. Because this wood has a very tight structure making it difficult for water to enter or seep into teak wood. So we can be sure teak is not rotten.

4. The color will still be good. Because it is not easily weathered and eaten by termites

5. Easy in maintenance

6. Unique / natural appearance

7. Etc.

Many of the benefits that you and your customers will get if you use teak furniture. You buy now, 8- 10 years later the shape is still the same. And you only spend a little money to take care of him.

We sell cheap wooden garden furniture clearance. In addition to the garden furniture that we sell, we also sell various types of furniture made of teak wood. Starting from classic furniture, reclaimed furniture, recycled furniture, green furniture, wooden furniture, teak furniture, outdoor furniture, indoor furniture, etc. You can mix one product with another until one small container is full.

If possible you can also joint venture with your business friends to buy furniture in our company by buying at least one small container. This is usually done by retailers out there. It is more cost effective because it is shared and can get unique furniture products that we produce.

Wooden garden furniture sale clearance. We Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture sells on a scale with teak wood raw materials. Many advantages that you will get when buying wooden garden furniture for your outdoor home. Our superior garden furniture products can be used for balconies, terraces or gardens.

We open B2B cooperation for your interior design, shopkeepers, wholesalers, and users who are willing to fill their furniture with new furniture or you who want to open an empty business place can order furniture products at our Jepara Furniture manufacturer.

We are experts in making teak wood outdoor furniture or wooden garden furniture. Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture was established in 1993 and is affiliated with the Wisanka Indonesia group. Our furniture factory is located in Jepara City, Indonesia. We have experienced export furniture in all countries around the world. You simply inform us where your nearest port is, we will process it.

You do not worry about the lags of our company. Our company is already registered in Indonesia. And we use legal and safe goods, of course. Harmless and very safe to use. To get product details or catalogs from us, you can contact our marketing via live chat 24 hours. If you want to send an inquiry, you can send it to the send inquiry.

We hope to establish good cooperation between us. Greetings from us to your beloved family at home. Hopefully always healthy and happy always.

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