9 Popular Interior Design Styles Trends 2022-2023

9 Popular Interior Design Styles Trends 2022-2023

Each year, there is always a trend in decorating homes in different styles to suit and resonate with residents. In the coming year 2021 – 2022 – 2023, there will be a very interesting home decorating style for you. It is a helper for decorating the interior of a beautiful and livable house. Anyone passing by or visiting will like it. Let’s make your home more stylish than just Interior Design Styles Trends. modern style As popularly said, let’s talk!

The most popular home decor styles in 2021 – 2022 – 2023

1. Mix and match different color tones.

Each color has its own meaning. And can be matched to create a pair of colors or tones that look beautiful and comfortable. Mixing different colors the way we like. In order to decorate the interior of the house beautifully, it will help you feel comfortable every time when you come back to relax. Especially in 2021, we recommend the tones of sea blue, navy blue, and green that can be chosen to match your feng shui. Bring it to match with neutral colors. such as light gray, cream, light brown, however, it is not out of date

2. Create a pattern on the wall.

No matter what material it is convenient to use, such as wallpaper, natural materials, tiles, polished plaster, etc., just focus on having a unique pattern on the wall. Striped walls will add a touch of play to the room. Create an interesting atmosphere that is different from ordinary walls that look simple and have a gimmick. The important thing is that you may have to choose a good pattern to use.

3. Scandinavian light wood tones

Every furniture in the house is made of wood in light tones. Or whatever, the furniture color tone is soft and warm first. Because the heart of the Scandinavian decor is Warming up your home in the overcast winter

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4. Use plants to purify the air.

In the 2021 era like this, we encounter a lot of pollution from the outside that is harmful to our health. So as soon as you enter the house and find the air purifying plants beautifully arranged in a small garden, it can be refreshing and relaxing. have a beautiful house and the mind relaxed from the green from nature at the same time

5. Black-white is still hot, unchanged

Who likes the style of decorating the house that is interesting to find. The black-and-white tone is still an interesting and functional approach regardless of the ages.

6. Create raw metal

Anyone who is a fierce type who wants the house to look modern and avant-garde, it is recommended to use furniture that is polished metal. It will look shiny, futuristic and can also indicate the owner’s style very well.

7. Natural Therapy

If you feel that today is too much technology. Try changing the familiar modern style interior. to the use of natural materials Including various trees, it is considered very chic and interesting.

8. Geometry

Looks playful and full of imagination. continues to create attractiveness And always look unusual with this style of home decoration. Tiles may be used to make the walls come out in different geometric shapes throughout the house, looking uniquely beautiful.

9. Save the world, love us

With this era, anything seems to be good for the world first. Selection of biodegradable materials or not harmless to the world, so it is another good option to decorate the house, such as not using plastic items, etc. The color chosen may be earth tones. whether blue sky brown soil green tree

All of these are different styles of home decoration that are believed to be the most popular and hot in 2021 – 2022 – 2023. Anyone who is bored with the old house style or is building a new house, try to use it as an idea.

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