6 Interesting Facts About Teak, Types, Patterns and Prices. Why is Teak so Expensive?

6 interesting facts about teak, types, patterns and prices. Why is teak so expensive?

For important industries such as furniture and household decorations in Indonesia, teak, especially teak, is considered a Plants that are widely used in industrial production processes. golden teak price despite the high price But compared to the craftsmanship and quality of production, it is considered very good value for money. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about teak.

1. Teak wood used to make furniture has a very long life.

In the market we see for bringing different types of teak. used to bring that furniture Must use teak that is at least 30-40 years old before it can be processed into furniture products. because of the use of long-life teak In addition to having a beautiful golden yellow pattern and texture. It can also be used for decorative stencils and has straight burrs that make it easy to form furniture The price of teak furniture is expensive. But consumers have acquired wooden furniture that is beautiful and durable. Good value for the quality of the wood

2. How is the Queen of Timbers or Golden Teak?

There are many varieties of teak, there are many species such as jacquard teak, wax teak, buffalo teak, stone teak, but the most popular in the teak industry is inevitable “Golden Teak”. It can be said that it is the best quality wood with the most beautiful patterns. Golden Teak color is golden brown and has a black pattern The texture of the golden teak is quite fine, with straight burrs, lightweight, making it easy to saw, plan and decorate. It is strong and durable. Therefore it is widely used.

3. Indonesia is the largest industrial area with the best teak plants in the world.

Good things in Indonesia that I want to tell you more Because by nature Teak is a tropical forest. It is limited to certain countries such as Indonesia, India, Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos . But as for natural teak sources that are abundant in Indonesia, they are located in the Jepara, Solo, Bojonegoro, Jogjakarta, Purwodadi, etc. In the golden teak wood, it is also found that gold mineral content is about 0.5 ppm. Indonesia is said to be one of the highest quality teak producers ever.

4. Teak is a very strong and rich wood.

The natural structure of teak is strong and durable. Good resistance to both heat and cold. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use as wooden furniture. Overall, the teak is a large deciduous tree in summer. Stems straight, bark smooth or broken into small grooves. The bark is wrapped in gray and has a smooth, beautiful shine. Prevents gnawing from weeds, such as termites and weevils, thanks to a special chemical in the wood called O-cresyl methyl ether.

5. Teak takes time to dry before being processed into furniture.

Before teak became a piece of wood that could be molded into each piece of furniture. Teak wood must be dried to a moisture content of about 8-16% as a standard first. The process of drying teak is not easy at all. Because it requires a wood oven Sun drying and current symptoms can also be done. But the humidity will not decrease as much as using an oven.

6. Teak is used in other applications besides making furniture.

with the strength and beauty of teak It can be made to be processed in many production processes. Whether it’s a cruise ship, yacht, exterior decoration for a wooden house. Shows that teak is really very durable. Plus, it’s a wood that doesn’t change color when working with all kinds of steel and aluminum. It is truly the king of wood. Lastly, if you like beautiful design, strong and durable teak furniture or teak furniture. beautiful design Whether it’s a modern, elegant style or a classic vintage style. no matter what kind of home decoration Don’t forget to visit our quality wooden furniture catalog from Jepara Furniture. We make every piece of furniture with care. and know the truth about teak furniture