How to Care for Teak and Rattan Furniture Produced by Wisanka

How to Care for Teak and Rattan Furniture Produced by Wisanka

For those who like to decorate the house. Teak Rattan furniture such as teak chairs rattan furniture, and various rattan teak furniture are considered as good home decorations that make the house look good and have character. Perfect for beautiful furniture collectors. who like to decorate their homes in a sweet vintage style. They look very warm, light, easy to move and environmentally friendly, although this method of caring for rattan can be a little tricky. but if cared for properly can make various materials not rust and can be used for a long time. Then How to Care for Teak and Rattan Furniture?. Read this article to the end you will find something valuable.

How to Care for Teak and Rattan Furniture to keep it beautiful and comfortable to use regularly

with the lightness of the material Can damage rattan furniture more easily than other strong wood furniture. But used that there is no way to extend the service life. Let’s see how simple it is. in the maintenance of teak wood furniture and rattan furniture

1. Use Cleaning Equipment Properly

Before starting to clean, you should see the amount of dust and dirt on the rattan. if it’s not too dirty you can also use a feather duster to gently brush it, but if it starts to get thick and dusty it’s too deep to brush. Use a soft, clean microfiber cloth dampened with water to wipe, then use a dry cloth. Wipe once again Then dry the rattan furniture in the sun.

Tips for cleaning rattan furniture

*In nooks and crannies where wipes cannot reach Use a soft brush to try to clean dust in nooks and crannies. If the brush does not reach Can use a pressurized blower to blow air to remove dust stuck in the crevices.

2. Protect Teak rattan Furniture from Various Animals and Insects

all weeds and insects that can damage the rattan slump and damage are they are moths, termites and insects that eat wood. Therefore, use liquids or insecticides. Or it can also be used to inject kerosene or DDT into moth holes. And repeat spraying until it is certain that there will be no more insects left on our rattan.

3. Place the Furniture in The Right Area

Installing teak rattan furniture in the right area will help protect the wood from various furniture problems. Be beautiful, durable and extend the life of our teak rattan furniture.

Due to strong sunlight, rain and humidity are not good for rattan. Therefore, teak rattan furniture should be placed in a dry place.

Such as living rooms, bedrooms and stairwells, especially away from places with high humidity such as bathrooms or kitchens, or sunny outdoor patios or patios. But putting it in a room next to the window with strong sunlight shining gently will be better because sun healing can help extend the life of teak rattan furniture.

4. Use Teak Rattan Treatment Oil to Keep Furniture Strong, Clean and Durable

When we buy rattan teak wood furniture Or buy new rattan furniture and accessories if you want your furniture to look new and beautiful. Coating teak rattan furniture with wood preservatives such as linseed oil or teak oil is also a good choice.

Because apart from being free from chemicals that are harmful to humans, it also preserves wood to replace the natural oils from wood that are lost due to sunlight and other harsh natural conditions. To adjust the surface to return to being moist (but not wet) like new.

5. Use Rattan Pillows and Chairs

The use of rattan pillows and chairs is not only for the beauty of home decoration. But it also helps reduce seat damage from sagging and too much weight at one point. But it must be a pillow that has the right foam shape. Do not use soft feather pillows.

How Often Should Teak Rattan Furniture be Cleaned?

Dusting once a week or two is sufficient, and every 6 months to a year, inspect any teak rattan furniture for damage, mold, or insect bites.

In the case of maintenance and repair with an oil coating, it may not need to be done as often. In most cases, doing it once a year will suffice.

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