How to Care for Wooden Furniture to Keep it Looking Durable and Beautiful

How to Care for Wooden Furniture to Keep it Looking Durable and Beautiful

Wooden furniture is very popular. Whether it’s a wooden table matched with wooden chairs, a wooden living room, wooden cabinets or wooden shelves all help decorate a home to be beautiful, look authoritative, and also durable. Buying good wooden furniture A piece of furniture can be expensive depending on the quality of the materials and workmanship. Or this wooden furniture to stay at home for a long time Must know how to properly care for it. Today Jepara Furniture manufacturer will share interesting tips on how to care for wooden furniture.

Many people choose to buy wooden furniture or furniture without knowing the type of wood. First of all, caring for wooden furniture should try to know the classification of wood first. It can be easily divided into two types: hardwood and softwood.

1) Solid wood furniture

Solid wood furniture has a long service life. Hardwoods include clematis, teak, Teng wood, Makha wood, Pradu wood, Katianthong wood, etc. They are often used to make furniture such as tables, chairs, shelves, cabinets, furniture that requires special strength and durability.

How to care for hardwood furniture

* Use a duster to remove dust every day.
* Use a dry towel or cotton cloth to wipe off dust and dirt.
*If you want to wipe away dirt or kill germs you can use mild soap to clean it. Can be mixed with warm water. Do not use strong liquids. When finished, it should be wiped dry. Place the wet area in the sun to dry completely.
*If there are ingrained marks that cannot be removed, they can be sanded with 150 or 200 sandpaper until the wood becomes smooth. Then apply wax before rubbing with a dry cloth. Or use a commercially available polish to spray on and let dry. During this time, the area should not be wet.

2) soft wood furniture

Soft wood furniture, such as bamboo, rattan, etc. is often used to make furniture such as tables, chairs or beds, in fact the main treatment is almost different from hard wood. But there is an added precaution that is to be wary of insect bites that might penetrate the wood and make your furniture, unfortunately shorten its life

How to care for softwood furniture

*Use a duster to remove dust every day. like taking care of hardwood
*Use a dry towel or cotton cloth to wipe off dust and dirt.
* We recommend spraying or applying insect repellent such as wood moth. Of course, it doesn’t have to use chemicals. You can also use herbal injections.
*Put some furniture in the sun.

In addition to furniture maintenance based on the type of wood. Realize that wood comes from nature. Of course, their characteristics differ with the weather and humidity, so it is important to pay attention to our furniture for what conditions it is now. What kind of treatment do you want? So that we can adapt the treatment to varying weather and humidity with

rainy season

Water and moisture can damage wood. So keep as much moisture out of the furniture as possible by keeping your home moist. have a ventilated air If you have outdoor furniture, you should apply the wood coating regularly. And apply the liquid to prevent insect bites too.


similar to the rainy season, when the sun is low, it can cause humidity. Try not to expose the furniture to damp weather. When the sun is shining, the furniture should be exposed to the bright summer sun.

Summer may not be that much of a worry when it comes to humidity. Act like every other season is to be careful not to damp It is in a well-ventilated place, in the sun, but be careful, if it is not outdoor furniture, do not expose it to too strong sunlight. because it will cause the color to fade

A simple and easy way to care for basic wooden furniture

avoid contact with water

Wooden furniture is very susceptible to water and disease. If you water frequently, the wood will swell, rot and wear out quickly. Even if exposed to water only for a short time Be careful because if the wood accumulates moisture. Swelling may also occur.

Place in an area exposed to weak sunlight

because wood is not suitable for moisture and water This makes it very important to expose wooden furniture to bright sunlight. Some waste to repel any moisture the wood may have. But it doesn’t need to be exposed to strong sunlight. If too much sunlight enters, it can turn the wood pale. Arrange furniture near areas with weak sunlight through curtains, and in a well-ventilated room. not as humid as available But if you absolutely cannot place the furniture close to weak sunlight, keep the wooden furniture out of the sun on a sunny day to prevent moisture.

Keep it clean

When told to be careful not to come into contact with water or moisture. Many people wonder Then how do you keep the furniture clean when it’s not exposed to water? and really need cleaning you can use soap mixed with warm water to clean it. Then dry the table in the sun to dry completely.

Watch out for scratches from sharp objects or pet claw marks

Watch out for scratches from pet claws or sharp objects. Because if there are scratches around it will be quite troublesome. Although it doesn’t really affect the service life. but makes it unattractive And there may be dirt easily following this mark.

If you leave until the furniture is scratched If it is shallow you can use sandpaper to smooth the area until the marks are gone. Then apply a coating on it. If it’s a deep scratch that can’t be removed, simply apply a layer over the scar.

Keep away from fire

Keep in mind that wood is a flammable material. And it is also a good fuel. Therefore, it must be kept away from fire. or areas that produce the most fires For the safety of property and the lives of people in the house

We’re done with some great tips. in the care of wood furniture or wooden furniture that everyone can follow. Although it may sound a little fussy, the real key is to be aware of moisture which will reduce the life of the wood. And beware of wood beetles These two are important principles that everyone should observe. But in the details of that method We might be able to treat each other differently. This will help wooden furniture and house keys with us for a long time

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