7 Tips for Decorating your Home with Scandinavian-style Furniture

7 Tips for Decorating your Home with Scandinavian-style Furniture

Nordic Scandinavian style furniture (also known as Nordic) originates from Scandinavian countries including Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark, where Scandinavian style furniture and home decoration and condominiums are gaining popularity. Due to the nature of the use of warm colors, it is simple, comfortable, and also looks modern.

Jepara Furniture manufacturer is currently inviting everyone to see if they would like to try decorating their homes in this style. What home decorating tips do you need? But first, let’s take a look at the origins and power of Scandinavian style furniture.

Scandinavian style furniture highlights

Scandinavian countries have long winters. days are short, Therefore to create a home with warm and bright shades, with a focus on white wood furniture, light gray, is an important part of Scandinavian home decoration. By choosing wooden furniture with light colors to match the bright colors of the room.

Usually used softwood types such as teak, pine or wood that has a light brown color with a beige color. To make the house full of light in the long dark winter

Tricks & tips for decorating your home with Scandinavian style furniture

1. Keep the overall look clean with white and light wood

Scandinavian-style wooden furniture is often suitable for decoration with white accents. Because when juxtaposed, it gives a warm and comfortable feeling. Makes the room look cooler and brighter. If you use another color to cut it, it will focus more on decorative details only. The color of walls, floors, or furniture is usually only light colors

2. Choose a floor with a light color.

Scandinavian-style floors are usually made of light wood with natural light colors. Or it could be wood painted white. Light colored laminate flooring is also very popular. Decorating this style Including Scandinavian style furniture will focus on a clean look. Therefore, using a thick carpet to cover the entire floor would be unpopular. Even if it is a winter home decor style If the floor is decorated with carpet It is very popular to choose to decorate as a point. according to more used and would prefer wool rugs that have light colors.

3. Pay attention to lighting and windows.

As we have already emphasized, this style of home decor originated in the long winter. There will be efforts to make the house look as bright as possible. Therefore, a Scandinavian-style house will have many windows. If someone’s house doesn’t have a lot of windows, they don’t need to drill new windows. Our house is hot and sunny all day making enough light only if you want to maintain a Scandinavian feel, you should probably choose curtains that are not too thick. Bright colors as usual, such as beige, white, it is so that the sun can penetrate, of course.

4. Do not forget that function must be accompanied by beauty.

It’s not just for decorating your home in this style. whatever the style When choosing furniture, do not forget that its function must be adjusted to the beauty of the furniture. But don’t worry. If you buy Nordic style furniture. Most of the furniture in this style is designed to be clean. When choosing a table and chairs, we will see that the edges of the table are rounded, look very smooth, give a feeling of comfort and security. Also, Nordic style furniture is designed with lots of space in mind. But it does not leave a design that is still very modern.

5. Emphasis on green tree flower decoration and beautiful artwork

with distinctive colors and Scandinavian-style furniture designs. This would make it perfect for adding plants and flowers as a decorative gimmick that makes the room look more alive. It can be called an indispensable decoration. But in the section adding pictures, art, decorations, etc. It may be up to each person’s preference.

6. Match wood furniture to metal.

Most of the essential pieces of furniture. This style of home decor includes a set of tables, chairs, coffee tables, counters, cabinets and shelves. All of this furniture will be made of wood. A trend in recent years, Nordic home decor focuses on combining wood and metal furniture to add elegance and light to a room. These metals include various decorative lights. This decorative lamp can also be called the Nordic style.

7. Choose a warm Nordic design lamp.

Choosing the right lighting for your furniture and home is very important. Not only for certain home decor styles, but each style has a different decor and lighting. It’s because it’s the little things like fire that can really change the mood and tone of your home. to match the nordic style of furniture. The choice of lamps should emphasize the warmth of modern. round ceiling or floor lamp

Finish with 7 tips for decorating your home with Scandinavian-style furniture. Once you know the guidelines and how to mix and match anything. I try to plan and see what I need to buy.

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