How to See the Authenticity of Teak Wood

How to See the Authenticity of Teak Wood

Teak is considered the king of wood which has been widely praised since the past. And is considered one of the woods used to make durable and beautiful furniture. Besides, it can be used for a long time. And help make home decorations with wooden furniture look nice and charming. then How to See the Authenticity of Teak Wood ?

However, because the wood furniture on the market is not only teak. There are also other types of wood. And sometimes we do when we don’t buy from a reliable source. We can’t confirm the furniture. Is it real teak? Today we’re going to invite everyone to see if there’s a way to see real teak. What do you see?

Teak wood before becoming teak furniture

Teak wood is wood with extraordinary properties, beautiful, durable, termites are unable to eat, very little shrinkage. Therefore, teak wood furniture investment is a valuable investment even though the price is high.

Teak comes from southern India, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand. In Indonesia, teak is found in the forests of Java, Sulawesi. It can also be found in the central and western regions of Indonesia. Various teak wood can be done in many ways. The gradation of teak wood is the same. But first, let’s see how to distinguish teak wood from ordinary wood. Let’s see how much real teak wood.

Wood Chips

Wood chips are formed by cutting wood for use. In real teak, there are straight and long serrations that look beautiful in the same direction. However, the appearance of the spines also depends on the cutting method. Several cutting methods will result in corrugated wood grinding. Try asking this question to the seller. If the seller knows the origin of the wood, he will be able to answer. As for the color of wood chips on the market, splinter painting for teak wood is quite popular such as white splinter, black splinter, and others.

Wood Color

There are various levels of teak color that varies according to the type of wood. And depending on where the wood comes from, the color of the teak can indicate the age of the teak. This means that teak wood will gradually darken in color. according to age The wood color can range from dark golden brown to white with white sapwood. Most household and popular teak woods are golden brown in color.

The use of wood paint is common. But it can cause a loss of visibility of the actual teak wood, so if you want to buy one, ask the seller what kind of wood stain to use.

Teak Smell

The specific fragrance can show the authenticity of teak very well. Since teak is a wood that contains a lot of natural oils, it gives off a certain natural smell. This natural oil makes teak wood is rarely attacked by disease or eaten by insects. If you can’t smell it, it will smell like leather.

Teak Wood Weight

Another heavy element used to look at teak. If it was real teak, it would be very solid and quite heavy. Lift the stick and check if it is heavy. If it feels light and has holes or is porous, it’s probably not teak.

Teak Water Seepage

in the care of wooden furniture . Most of us already know that we should avoid contact with water. But if you want to have furniture that is used in the garden or outdoors, this teak furniture can answer that question. due to low water absorption. The shrinkage range of wood is also low.

If you try to drop two drops of water on the surface of real teak and other wood. It can be seen that other plants absorb water quickly. But teak is absorbed very little. or not absorbed at all


Finish with How to See the Authenticity of Teak Wood, which should help you buy teak furniture with more confidence. Definitely have a better understanding of the properties of wood. And when shopping, choose to buy from a seller you can trust. A seller who doesn’t just sell furniture. But you really have to know the origin of teak

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