Benefit of Teak Wood Furniture

Benefit of Teak Wood Furniture

The benefit of Teak Wood Furniture

The benefit of Teak Wood Furniture. Teak will not be considered an elite building material and will not be desirable if all the benefits are reduced to a noble texture and color scheme. In fact, there are many more benefits.
The Teak Wood Furniture benefit. This fact distinguishes teak from other woods. It is known that microorganisms and fungi cause rot. They eat cellulose and are able to fully process fallen tree trunks with a diameter of 30 centimeters in the temperate climate zone in 5-7 years.
Teak is rich in a variety of wood oils (that’s why it’s sometimes called “oily”). They are natural antiseptics. Because of their special chemical composition, microbes and fungi do not develop on teak wood. Therefore, teak products have high resistance to mold and rot without any processing.
By the way, because of its high oil content, teak is able to protect metals from corrosion. Teak nails and screws are much better preserved.

Moisture resistant

Moisturizing any wood causes accelerated development of microorganisms and the appearance of mold. Therefore, it is dried and coated with special varnishes and antiseptics, which are poisonous to fungi and microbes. But teak is not damaged, therefore water is not dangerous for it. Although he also absorbs it.


It is known that resin wood burns brightly for a long time and can be used to make torches. But the torch doesn’t work from teak oil. Therefore, teak wood does not burn well and does not burn well. For example, the British fleet was at one time tested: warships with teak skins lit less frequently.


The stability of wood is an indicator of how much volume changes, for example, logs after drying, how much wood dries. Teak wood practically does not lose volume after drying. So, for example, the terrace or deck cover made of teak wood will not “walk”.

Has moderate density

Excessive wood density is a problem. Moreover, dense wood is more vulnerable to warping (deformation). Warpage can be observed by drying uneven boards, for example, when during drying they “go with screws.” The average teak density is 650 kg / m³, which is an acceptable average.


With moderate density, teak is flexible. High flexibility and density are the main indicators of wood strength.
Durable teak wood. In difficult operating conditions, for example on a yacht, tiku, there is no equivalent. How long does the teak grill last in the bathroom? Most likely, we are talking about decades.

Easy to clean

If we talk about teak furniture and flooring, then the maintenance is minimal. Clean from time to time with a damp cloth and everything. If we talk about decking or open terraces, then everything is a little more complicated. But this is not because of the irregularity of teak itself, but because of external conditions – a lot of dust, moisture and sunlight.
The advantages of teak wood, its features make it so popular. This led to the destruction of most of the forest and teak plantations. In conclusion, it should be added that the cost of teak is fully justified by its unique properties.
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