[BEST] Where to Buy Furniture in Indonesia [LOW PRICE]

[BEST] Where to Buy Furniture in Indonesia [LOW PRICE]

Maybe you will be wondering where to buy furniture in Indonesia ?. Where to buy the best furniture products in Indonesia. Good furniture products are furniture that has good color, does not fade easily, is sturdy and durable. Finding furniture products for ordinary people will be quite difficult. But for those who are experienced with wood, it will be very easy where the furniture is using the best or ordinary wood quality.

Why should you choose us as a place to buy furniture in Indonesia ?. Because we always provide high-quality standards. For the long-term use of your teak wood furniture investment. Our minimum standards for making furniture are as follows:
1. The process of drying with an oven at least 2 weeks
2. The process of working with export quality standards is very strict, so as to produce furniture products that are smooth and sturdy
3. The teak wood selection must be at least 20 years old
4. The coloring process in a closed room and with a certain temperature. So that the paint adheres perfectly and in a closed room so that there is no dust attached.
5. Complete product variants. Ranging from rattan furniture products, lighting furniture products, recycled wood furniture products, used boat furniture products, classic furniture products such as colonial-era furniture, reclaimed furniture products, etc.
6. Green furniture, we support an environmentally friendly program.

PT Wirasindo Santakarya is a furniture manufacturing company in Indonesia. Has been selling exports to various countries around the world. Founded in 1993 and still exists today. It has 7 branches in Central Java, Bali, and Jakarta. If you want to buy furniture products or you have your own furniture design to be made according to your design we can make it. Please contact our sales marketing department via our Contact Us page. Or you can see a collection of Indonesian Teak Wood Furniture:
1. Outdoor Furniture
2. Outdoor Dining Set
3. Outdoor Living Set
4. Lounger
5. Indoor Bedroom Furniture
6. Indoor Diningroom Furniture
7. Indoor Home Office Furniture
8. Indoor Livingroom Furniture
9. Loose Collections

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