Colonial Cabinets and Sideboards Furniture

Our wide range of colonial cabinets and sideboards featuring the exposure of sol

Colonial Cabinets and Sideboards Furniture

Our spacious Colonial Cabinets and Sideboards Furniture showcases exposure to solid hardwoods available in teak and mahogany. This range features traditional arches, simple curves, raised panels.

Complementing the special character of each of these colonial designs, you can choose various kinds of pulls and other colonial accessories that are available in shiny, semi-glossy, matte, antique, and even rustic brass that create elegant elements of elegant colonial style.

This collection will definitely add a unique charm and endless story behind the colonial style to your home decorating concept.

At Jepara Furniture Manufacturer Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture manufactures various furniture from teak wood. We use solid teak wood for the manufacture of special furniture. We make various furniture from wood. You can also make furniture according to your design order.

Jepara furniture manufacturer Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture manufactures various furniture. Starting from classic furniture, classic furniture, teak furniture, teak wood furniture, wooden furniture, Jepara green furniture, etc.

You can explain your furniture needs to marketing Jepara furniture manufacture. You can get a complete furniture catalog and price to our marketing. You can contact him by chat directly in the live chat below. or you can send an inquiry here.

We Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture is a Jepara furniture manufacturer which is a furniture company under Wisanka Indonesia which was established in 1993. Since then, we have also been exporting furniture. We are Jepara furniture manufacturer producing furniture from teak and mahogany wood. We produce furniture according to your order.

We can make furniture from soft or rough textures. For outdoor furniture, we recommend using teak wood. Even though the price is a little more expensive, it will be far more durable than mahogany wood. And if you choose furniture from mahogany wood, we recommend it for indoor furniture purposes only. Because when used for outdoor will be more easily damaged.

Actually, all the good furniture from teak and mahogany wood is for colonial cabinets and sideboard furniture. However, when compared between the two wood the resistance will be different. Much more durable and stronger furniture with teak wood.




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