Office Chair Manufacturer

office chair manufacturer

Office Chair Manufacturer

Office chair manufacturer. Every room is your statement and seating is one of the most important variable in your personalized beautiful concept of cozy, fresh and thematic room. Discover all our seating collection either our regular, existing or even customizable designs, the like of accent chair Whether you are contemporary, mid-century, scandinavian, colonial, minimalist, modern or classic lovers, you can pick and explore matching your ideas. Exploring the idea of environment-friendly seating, we sustainably expose the use of legal sourced timber of Mahogany and Teak with flexible rattan and upholstery accent for us together preserve and protect our home and planet.


Modern human life is characterized by stress and crowds. We have to take public transportation, pick up the house, work, etc. That is why they are an important element of our home, because that is where we rest to continue our peak performance. Office chair manufacturer

In addition, chairs are very important when we have guests at home to eat, which is why we must choose chairs that are comfortable but also adapt to the style of our home and not clash.

office chair manufacturer. At Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture we value your comfort and rest above all else, but also our mission is to offer stylish pieces and great designs to make your home a comfortable place. In addition to our various seat campaigns, Jepara furniture manufacturer always offers endless sofas, chairs, beds, backrests and a list of comfortable and stylish furniture.

Chair model

Where there is a table, there are also chairs. They are a part of our daily lives – practically every corner of the house is furnished with chairs. In the hallway, they are an ideal aid for sitting in your shoes, in the living room and kitchen they are used as dining chairs, and each office is equipped with a typical computer chair.

Dining chairs

Dining chairs are very often used – we sit on them every day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just to enjoy family and friends together. Therefore, we must ensure that we buy good quality furniture. Of course, this type of chair must meet certain characteristics, such as stability, comfort, and easy seat cleaning and maintenance.

Office chair

Dining chairs must be very comfortable because we use them often. But even more comfortable is the office chair. Inside we sit for several hours a day, so they must offer comfortable ergonomic chairs.

Chairs, backrests and height of armrests are the elements responsible for ensuring comfortable and healthy use. Perfect back height is reached when you reach shoulder height. Armrests must be adjusted so that the arms are at an angle of 90 °.

As for the seat, the optimal height must be such that the foot reaches the ground and the foot is positioned at the right angle. With these suggestions, doing our work comfortably and sitting ergonomically will no longer be a problem.

Park bench

There are many choices of garden chairs, both in terms of appearance and material. The most widely used materials for garden chairs are wood, metal, and plastic. All of these ingredients have advantages and disadvantages.

Wooden chairs are very beautiful and elegant, but they have drawbacks that require care and cleaning with special oils and varnishes.

Plastic chairs, on the other hand, are very easy to clean and maintain – by wetting the plastic surface, most of the dirt is removed. However, this type of material is not the most beautiful and of low quality.

Metal chairs are a good choice for a garden, because they are usually of high quality and are easy to clean. The only drawback is they give a cold feeling,

Regardless of the material, the most important characteristic for this type of furniture is its resistance to weathering, to prevent it from rusting or rot after rain.

Seating height

The most common height for a chair is usually 46 centimeters. The higher the height of the chair, the easier it is to get out of the chair. However, the height of the chair is not the only thing that is important to consider, also the relationship with the height of the table, among which you must leave enough space to feel comfortable. Of course, this suggestion for height does not apply to feces.


The simplest chairs can be easily decorated with certain accessories. With a small pillow or chair cushion, we can turn the most classic chair into the center of all eyes.

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