Easy Ways to Clean Teak Cabinets

Easy Ways to Clean Teak Cabinets

Easy Ways to Maintain and Clean Teak Cabinets

Teak cabinets are still the furniture of choice for Indonesians. There are a number of easy ways to care for and clean teak cabinets.
Teak household furniture such as teak wood cabinets is still an option, especially for the senior generation.

Try to pay attention to the homes of grandparents, parents, or aunts, almost all the furniture uses teak wood.

They really like teak furniture when compared to other wood materials.

You will find wardrobes, sofas, coffee tables, dining tables and chairs, beds, to dressers made of teak wood.

Teak furniture does have the advantage of being durable. Don’t be surprised if teak furniture can be used from generation to generation.

Maybe you and your partner inherited teak cabinets from your grandparents, parents, to your in-laws.

Especially if you and your partner get an old inherited house and household furniture.

Teak cabinets do have the advantage of being durable and long lasting and are termite resistant compared to other woods.

However, you must also remember that furniture must be maintained regularly so that it is durable.

The Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture Manufacturer website will explain a number of easy ways to care for and clean teak cabinets.

This series of tips and tricks is easy to do so you don’t have to pay a lot.


How to care for teak wood cabinets
1. Placing teak wood cabinets within the wall
Make it a habit to put or place teak cabinets at a distance from the wall or wall.

The distance ranges from 5 to 10 cm. Do not let you put it against the wall.

This is done so that the wardrobe is not moldy and keeps moisture and you can clean the edges of the cupboard.

2. Avoid the position of the teak wood cabinets in direct sunlight
Also pay attention to the position of the teak cabinets so that they are not exposed to direct sunlight. Also pay attention to the position of the windows and the direction of the sun.

If this happens it can damage the surface of the furniture so that it looks dull and no longer attractive.

3. Checking the position of the teak cabinets periodically
Do periodic checks regarding the position of the cupboard. This is to see the condition of the wardrobe periodically.

You may accidentally move the cupboard too close to the wall so that mold can appear.

4. Avoid Putting Moist or Wet Clothes in the Teak Wardrobe
Make sure you don’t put clothes that are still wet or damp in the teak wardrobe.

You may not do this, but you may forget to clean the cupboard with a damp cloth.

5. Putting Mothballs in the Teak Cabinet
Get used to putting camphor in a teak cabinet to prevent dampness and mold.

Mothballs do have various functions, one of which is to prevent fungus on wooden furniture.

6. Provide Teak Wood Special Oil
Make it a habit to carry out routine maintenance by giving oil or a special liquid for wood so that the color remains shiny.

You can apply this special oil at least once a month as well as see the condition of the cupboard.

7. Be careful when moving the position of the teak wardrobe
When moving teak cabinets, make sure you handle them carefully so that there are no scratches on the surface of the furniture.

Try to keep a lot of people moving it so that it can be moved easily.

How to Clean a Teak Wardrobe
1. Using a soft cloth to clean teak cabinets
You use a cotton cloth, soft cloth, or duster to clean the dust that sticks to the furniture.

If you can, you can do it regularly. If you can’t do it every day, then 2-3 days is enough.

2. Using a small brush on the carving of teak cabinets
Don’t forget to use a small brush if the teak cabinet has carvings. Cloth or duster won’t clean, so just use a small brush.

3. Using warm water, but squeezed it first
You can use warm water to clean unvarnished cupboards. However, make sure the cloth has been wrung out so it doesn’t get too wet.

4. Using A Dry And Clean Cloth When Cleaning Teak Cabinets
Get used to using a special cleaning fluid regularly. Use a dry, clean cloth to polish the teak cabinets.

You have to do this every few months so that the teak cabinets look shiny.


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