How to Clean and Restore Teak Wood Furniture

How to Clean and Restore Teak Wood Furniture

How to Clean and Restore Teak Wood Furniture

How to Clean and Restore Teak Wood Furniture. Teak Wood (Teak) is no longer a strange name and is increasingly popular in the field of furniture. Especially the wood material is mainly for outdoor items. With a unique wood grain, colors stand out between the space whether indoors or outdoors. However, many people do not know how to preserve these good wood products. And of course, an unsanitary piece of wood is the perfect place for mold to grow. That also makes the wooden surface discolored, losing the aesthetics of the whole house.

In addition to natural wear and tear, there are many things that make your item worse. In particular, cushioned or upholstered furniture is often used for dining. Oil and grease in the food will be spilled, causing the surface of raw Teak to stain.

How often should I clean Teak Furniture?

You only need to clean teak furniture once a year. Unless there are contaminants such as dirt or food, you should dispose of it immediately. Outdoor teak furniture over time will appear a silver-gray glossy water layer on the surface. This is called the patina effect. There are many people who love this color of Teak wood. Others prefer the original honey wood color. And of course keeping it will also take a little time!

How to clean Teak furniture? How to use Teak wood cleaning and protection products correctly?

Teak wood is a unique wood. So before you embark on cleaning or coating the surface you should decide if you want to maintain the original wood color or choose a silver-gray color over time. Your decision will also determine how to clean and protect it.

Use wood protection products on Teak wood

Using Teak Wood Protector is essential if you want to keep your product in natural honey color. Adds to the surface of the wood an anti-moisture, anti-UV coating to prevent mold growth. The brands that provide popular wood protection products in the market such as Thompsons, Rainguard, Agra-Life, …

The wood protector creates a barrier between the wood and the air. This barrier will prevent oxidation – causing the wood to turn gray. It also protects the wooden surface from stains from colored foods and beverages. Oily foods, ketchup and some beverages such as coffee, tea, etc. are the things that can tarnish the surface of Teak wood. If your family regularly organizes meals on Teak wooden furniture, use wood surface protection products to keep them clean and shiny!

What You Need to Protect Teak Wood Furniture

– 1 soft bristle brush, or soft bristle brush.
– Detergent with mild detergent or detergent for wood.
– Teak protection oil / solution (optional).
– Teak wood restoration product (optional).

Steps for cleaning, cleaning and restoring Teak furniture

    1. Use
      Right! The first step to cleaning and recuperation is use. If it’s a new item, feel free to use it for one to two weeks. Advice: Don’t use protective products on brand-new furniture without first consulting the manufacturer.
    2. Clean
      Wipe furniture with water and soap or a wood-specific detergent. Then allow it to dry, drain.
    3. Paint / spray protection
      Wipe a thin layer of protective oil with a cloth, sponge or pressure spray. Leave for about 1 hour, then do it one more time.
    4. Wait to dry
      Wait 4 to 5 hours then you can use it as normal. Just once a year, you will always keep the smooth, bright wooden furniture.

How to clean Teak wood that has changed color and still remains silver gray?

With Teak furniture that has changed color and you still keep that silver gray color, cleaning will be simpler. Please use recommended products from the manufacturer. Or use a mixture of 2 water: 1 detergent or wood bleach. Use a soft bristle brush to remove stains on the wooden surface. Then wipe the surface with plain water to remove any remaining residue. That’s all you need to do to keep the silver gray layer on the Teak wood.

How to restore Teak Wood Furniture?

You can easily restore the original color with products at the grocery store. Typically, this requires at least a 2-step process first involving the use of caustic and acid cleaners should MEMORY WEAR SAFETY GLOVES . This can be a difficult job, confusing you if you have never done it or have never seen it done. Here is the Teak wood furniture restoration process for you:


  1. Brush.
  2. Soft towel or soft bristle brush.
  3. Wood cleaning solution.
  4. Wood protection and restoration products (optional).

Steps to be followed:

  1. Clean the surface with a stiff brush.
  2. Then, clean with plain water to remove any residue.
  3. Clean the surface again with detergent solution.
  4. Wipe off with a damp cloth again. It is also possible to use some more wood lightening products.
  5. Let dry for 1 to 3 hours.
  6. Finally, apply additional paint and surface protection.
  7. Achievement.


Tips for keeping Teak furniture clean?

Oils, varnishes or moisture-resistant paints are not required for Teak Furniture. The natural oil present in the wood is water resistant. Wood chips and flakes need to be sanded to remove them from the fore surface. An annual cleaning plan should be planned and surface sanding as needed. Although teak wood is naturally resistant to warping and decay in humid environments, of course you should not leave water standing around your wooden furniture. Over time this can cause other problems that are difficult to fix and costly.

How is teak furniture properly stored?

It is not necessary to store teak furniture indoors during winter or rainy season. If you want to protect it, use breathable materials and avoid plastic covers. If you choose to store it in winter or rainy season, never put it in an airtight, heat-tunneling room. Heat can cause the wood to dry out, leading to cracking or breaking. Over time and changing weather conditions, it is natural for teak furniture to expand and contract. And through each spring, check the furniture joints then tighten any loose joints.

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