6 Ideas on How to Set a Dining Table Feels Like a Restaurant

6 Ideas on How to Set a Dining Table Feels Like a Restaurant

6 Ideas on How to Set a Dining Table Feels Like a Restaurant

How to Set a Dining Table – In this time of the covid outbreak instead of eating out Wouldn’t it be better if we could change the atmosphere at home? Become a restaurant that has all the table decorations, beautiful food, delicious food made by your mother. Every time I eat, I’m impressed, I won’t forget. or if you are tired, go to the kitchen. If you want to eat at your favorite restaurant, order delivery. sit down eat at home Don’t worry or be paranoid. full of a warm family atmosphere that can’t be found in any restaurant in the world

To welcome festive seasons such as Christmas and New Year. For a meal or a small party at home, today we will introduce an idea. The dining table setting is simple and unusual, creating a lovely restaurant-like feel. simply as follows:

1. Select the type of dining table. Help change the mood

The reason why many people like to eat out In addition to the delicious taste of the food Many people like to eat in a restaurant setting, a good atmosphere will help increase their appetite. I want to sit and soak for a long time. Very relaxed. To create a pleasant atmosphere get the feel of a restaurant Never miss a dining table set to choose from to create a different atmosphere. Below are some dining table models that hopefully can inspire you.

a. Picnic table decoration

It transforms the atmosphere from home to a small party. In a very simple backyard by choosing a picnic-style dining table that creates a welcoming atmosphere This is a long table setting. Help people at home to talk and meet more in person. by choosing a long wooden table to place it in the backyard, placing a tree, small flowers in the center of the table and using white plates or bright colors help make cold party meals in the family more enjoyable

b. Round table, changing corner to sit and relax, cafe style

A cafe type restaurant that never stops. because of the arrangement of the seating area that looks attractive inside the shop itself I want to decorate the dining table into a small Mini Cafe to sit back and eat snacks. or sips of coffee in the afternoon This is not difficult to do. Try to choose a circular dining table design that is not big enough to accommodate 2-3 people, paired with modern chairs. Change the atmosphere from the usual dining table. be a mini cafe It’s cute in another way. Suitable when you have to eat alone you won’t feel the dining table is too wide

c. Prepare a beautiful dining table. bar counter style

by using the kitchen table as an ad hoc dining table Choose a chair with the right height for the counter. Omakase-style dining atmosphere. or a Japanese sushi restaurant. Or choose a high bar table, high chairs that will hit the wall to sit and eat alone. Or you can put 4-6 chairs for a party with friends.

d. Set up a Japanese-style dining table on the floor.

To eat on the ground is still popular because it gives a warm feeling and can sit comfortably As an Asian who is used to sitting on the floor, it may be more comfortable than sitting on a chair. Therefore, the dining table setting is sitting on the floor. seating Surround yourself with special family meals such as Suki or Shabu. Suitable for playing. Or make this corner as a snack corner while surfing the internet is okay.

2. Place the dining table considering the usable area

so that the atmosphere does not feel too uncomfortable. Choose the location of the dining table and dining room. It is as important as choosing a dining table and decorating the dining table. The space must be balanced to be suitable for morning walks. If there are a lot of dining corners you need to arrange the space well in order to arrange the tables and chairs properly.

3. Choose a dining table that can accommodate family members.

If there is a lot of space, it will be able to set the table in many ways. according to the occasion of use However, the main dining table must be a dining table that can accommodate all family members. Including having to count guest visits If the family is very large A round pedestal table may be suitable. But if it doesn’t match the modern home decor style, choose a long table set before it’s available. If you don’t want to lift the extra chair often. Try choosing a dining table where the chair on the other side is a bench-style chaise longue for flexibility in the number of people seated.

4. Decorate the dining table with light to create an atmosphere

Lighting is at the heart of any home decor. No exception dining table or dining room. requires proper lighting Because it will affect the creation of the atmosphere, only the type, color of lights, placement. Affects the atmosphere at the dinner table altogether. In addition to installing local lighting candlesticks or lighting candles at the dining table can help create a romantic atmospheres quite well. Miss just playing music along the way. Guaranteed to sit and enjoy. Don’t want to wake up.

5. Add green space around the dining table

Adding plants to decorate your home is something that is guaranteed to be great. Trees can also absorb air pollution. It also enhances instant freshness. makes me feel relaxed In a restaurant or cafe, plants and flowers are decorated for the same reason.

bring colorful flowers To decorate the dining table such as roses, lilies, frangipani, glass flowers, jasmine, static, gerbera, chrysanthemums, etc., adjust to the atmosphere at the dining table. add to the beauty, refinement and care In addition to the ears and eyes It can be placed to welcome guests to visit the house as well.

6. Decorate the dining table enhance excellence

In addition to using beautiful plates, bowls, cutlery, cutlery and chopsticks, water glasses are irreplaceable. Table decorations such as flower vases, candle holders, tablecloths, placemats, coasters, chopsticks and napkins not only add to the atmosphere of you sitting at a table. restaurant. But also reflects the taste in the choice of decoration.

How are you with good tips? and how to set the table To be beautiful and feel like a restaurant in many styles, I can say it’s just a slight change. create a new atmosphere Beautify your dining table at home. Improve the taste of eating at home even more. If you are looking for a teak dining table set Exquisite, subtle details, great job. Don’t forget to have a look at our Jepara Furniture Manufacturer products. We make every piece of furniture with care and know deeply about the finest teak wood.

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