Teak Dining Table Outdoor Australia

Teak Dining Table Outdoor Australia

Teak Dining Table Outdoor Australia

Teak dining table outdoor is one of the must have items for many people. In fact, you could even say must have items for some people around the world, as well as for Australian people. Thus teak dining table outdoor Australia became very famous one. Although many of these items are made and shipped from Indonesian teak dining table outdoor suppliers.

Regarding teak dining table outdoor, it varies a lot. It comes in various shapes and designs. Here are some teak dining tables outdoor that we have ever produced.

Round Teak Dining Table Outdoor

Our collection of round teak dining table outdoor is quite a lot. Some of them are Java Round Folding Table. This is one of our best sellers of the last two years. This is a round teak dining table outdoor made of Indonesian teak wood. For top table, we make it from slats arranged horizontally and vertically alternately. So it looks like four different parts.

Round Teak Outdoor Dining Table Set

Java round folding dining table comes in set form. Java is also one of the most popular round teak outdoor dining tables set in recent years. Even though this outdoor teak table is a folding table, Java dining chair is different. Java teak outdoor dining chair is stacking one. Thus it called as a complete package – outdoor round teak folding table and outdoor teak stacking dining chair. This formation makes you storage it easily.

Teak Outdoor Dining Table with Umbrella

As we know that this teak outdoor dining table is outdoor use. Outdoor use refers to suitable for outdoor space. While outdoor space can be meant as a space that is exposed to sunlight and rain. So that an umbrella is very suitable to be placed to cover the person sitting on this dining chair.

Teak outdoor dining table with umbrella has a hole in the center of the table top. Umbrella base is usually made of stone or metal (iron). This base also functions as ballast so that this umbrella will stand tall. It will not collapse for wind and heavy rain.

Reclaimed Teak Outdoor Dining Table

Besides, there are also materials suitable to be used as outdoor use furniture. The intended material is reclaimed teak. Reclaimed teak outdoor dining table are also so famous as well as teak outdoor dining table. This is because its durability which is unquestionable.

We, Wisanka, are one of the furniture suppliers and manufacturers who are able to provide and supply products in the range of outdoor teak and also reclaimed teak. Java round outdoor dining table is one of our collections that we have made using these two materials, namely: outdoor teak and also reclaimed teak.


Wisanka is a group company. We have some factory located in four difference location around Java island. While for both teak outdoor and reclaimed teak outdoor, we manufacture it in Jepara – Central Java. Jepara is one of many cities in Central Java known as central of furniture.


Further, for more info of our teak outdoor and reclaimed teak outdoor dining table, don’t hesitate to contact. It’s our honor to assist your need for your requirement both for our regular collection and custom items. more info: Reclaimed wood furniture