Indonesian Furniture Wholesale

Indonesian Furniture Wholesale

Indonesian Furniture Wholesale

Indonesian Furniture Wholesale. Hello, welcome to Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture. Handmade furniture maker in Jepara City, Indonesia. Which provides a wide range of furniture from teak wood and other types of wood according to your order.

Our Indonesian Furniture Wholesale was founded in 1993. We Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture since then exports processed furniture products from furniture craftsmen in the Jepara region to be exported or sold in the domestic market.

Our Teak Wood Furniture products are of various kinds. Starting from classic furniture, teak wood furniture, reclaimed furniture, recycled furniture, handmade furniture, lighting furniture, rattan furniture, syntetic rattan furniture, contemporary furniture, outdoor furniture, indoor furniture, etc.

We cannot mention one by one the type of production of furniture maker Wisanka Indonesia. Until now we have 7 factories to help the production process to meet the furniture market in the country and throughout the world. We export to countries on 5 continents which include Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Australia.

We are an Indonesian furniture wholesale place. We handle orders of at least 1 small container. You can mix products from the types of furniture production from furniture craftsmen in our area. Until the load can be fulfilled 1 small container.

If you need a product catalog, our company profile can contact Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture directly via live chat below. Or you can also send an inquiry here. Explain your furniture needs and we will recommend the best solution for you.

If you plan to import Indonesian furniture, we have a wide range of furniture products that are very complete for you. We have also worked on furniture projects in other parts of the world and in Indonesia. If you don’t mind we can work together for future business. We are always there and can be contacted via this website.

Then where can you get wholesale Indonesian furniture suppliers whose products are of high quality and at low prices? The answer is here the place. You are currently on the right website. We are wholesale Indonesian furniture suppliers. We provide all your furniture needs.

Why can we mention all the furniture needs ?. Because we also accept custom design furniture as you expect. We have a professional design team to actualize what you want. And of course we also need the size of the room to be made furniture.

Indonesian furniture is the center of furniture in Southeast Asia. Because here thrives the best trees to be used as furniture products. We Indonesia Furniture serves bar furniture projects, restaurant furniture projects, hospital furniture projects, hotel furniture projects, tourist attractions furniture projects, office furniture projects, etc.

If you are an entrepreneur in the field of furniture, interior designer, or consultant in the field of interior, furniture traders can contact us for your furniture needs. We will prepare and produce furniture according to your order. Many of our consumers are happy because the furniture project we are working on is successful. And many of them also buy unit containers for the needs of bars, restaurants, hospitals, hotels or new homes. And we want everyone to be happy in the project we are working on this time.

What’s hot right now is a change to summer. Of course we have to prepare everything well too. About the needs of people this summer. For example they tend to spend the summer outdoors.

Therefore here you as an entrepreneur can seize the opportunity to import furniture in Indonesia. Prices here tend to be very cheap, because teak forests still thrive in Jepara, Indonesia.

If we are currently looking for Indonesian outdoor furniture wholesale, we are currently producing a large scale according to the existing orders. If you want to get the best furniture, we are ready to accept your order.

You are free to make attractive designs for your customers. If you are a beginner importer, we will help explain to you how to import furniture from Indonesia. From WIsanka Indonesia company.

Well maybe this article is enough so that you have been enlightened from what we said above. Hopefully this article is useful for you. We expect good cooperation between us. We are waiting for you in the live chat below. Greetings from us for your family at home. May God be with us all

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