Java Teak Outdoor Furniture

Java Teak Outdoor Furniture

Java Teak Outdoor Furniture

Java Teak Outdoor Furniture. Talking about teak furniture becomes reminded of how the origin of teak originated. The origin of teak wood spread across Java and Sulawesi is now from Burma.

In making good Java teak garden furniture certainly influenced by good raw materials as well. Good teak wood is produced by forests or plantations that obtain sufficient nutrient requirements. Such as lime, phosphorus, and other substances needed by teak trees.

You can get java teak garden furniture from teak which grows in Java, Indonesia. The teak wood that grows here gets enough sunlight, lime content is also high. Because there are many industries here, so the quality of the soil and water will be slightly calcified. Actually it will affect the quality of life for humans, but on the other hand, it will be beneficial for the growth of this teak tree.

With the substances needed, teak wood is sufficient, then we can get the best teak wood. The best teak can be found in Java, Indonesia. So do not be surprised if Java becomes the center of world furniture in terms of raw materials made of teak wood.

Furniture products produced from Java are different from teak or other types of wood. The lush teak wood structure in Java is really very small and oily. So do not be surprised if wood-eating animals like termites do not want to eat it. Because it is very hard and oily.

There are also from our craftsmen saying it takes extra time to work on the best choice teak wood. The most fundamental difference between Java Teak wood and teak wood from other regions is the outer skin of the teak tree if Java Teak wood will look thinner so that the growth of the wood core will be better.

The use of the best teak wood is also used by the Indonesian company Teak Wood Furniture, which is affiliated with the Indonesian Wisanka company. Namely furniture companies that have experienced in the field of furniture since 1993. We serve furniture projects or independent orders for shops, hotels, restaurants, bars, homestays, etc.

Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture by Wisanka has worked on many furniture projects. Both furniture projects in Indonesia and furniture projects in global countries. To maximize furniture projects and independent orders we have 6 factories to assist the production process. Therefore, until now we still continue to exist and continue to work to produce the best classy furniture products at competitive prices.

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In addition to production with the design of Java Teak Outdoor Furniture that we have, you can order furniture with your own design. Or you have an image but can’t design it, we have a design team ready to make the picture for you. Don’t forget about your furniture needs, you can consult us via live chat below. Or you can also send an inquiry here.

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