Indonesian Outdoor Furniture Wholesale

Indonesian Outdoor Furniture Wholesale

Indonesian Outdoor Furniture Wholesale

Indonesian outdoor furniture Wholesale. Hello, welcome to the official website of Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture Manufacturer. We sell a variety of garden furniture, outdoor furniture, patio furniture and balcony furniture.

We have been teak furniture manufacturers since 1993 who joined Wisanka Indonesia. Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture has exported furniture to various parts of the world.

Now that is becoming a trend now to welcome the summer is outdoor furniture from Indonesia made of genuine teak wood. Quality original teak wood thrives in the City of Jepara, Bojonegoro, Solo, etc.

In the production process of Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture uses quality teak wood that is already old. So do not be surprised if the outdoor furniture produced by Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture can last for decades.

Because we only use selected teak wood that has been aged to be used as raw material for the manufacture of outdoor furniture in Indonesian furniture manufacturers or Indonesia Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers.

In addition to outdoor furniture, Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture also manufactures various furniture made from teak wood. For example, classic furniture, wooden furniture, indoor furniture, reclaimed furniture, recycled furniture, green furniture, teak classic furniture, etc. We have also done a lot of furniture projects and furniture orders from various countries from all parts of the world. You can check more in furniture projects.

We always provide the best service for all our customers. We can be contacted at any time 24 hours nonstop. And below we also provide a live chat feature that you can connect to our marketing at any time.

You can request our complete product catalog and company profile by live chat in the live chat below. If you have furniture needs with a custom design, you can send it to the send inquiry.

For ordering Indonesian garden furniture subject to a minimum order Quantity (MOQ). Our MOQ is one small container. Make sure your order quantity is at least one small container to be processed. If you are a retailer, you can outsmart by gathering several friends to be invited to jointly buy furniture together. So that if collected the MOQ can be met as much as one small container.

Indonesia outdoor furniture manufacturers. That’s what is attached to us, a company that has been established for a long time. Which has been through various crises but still stands strong until now.

We open mutual cooperation (B2B). Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture is ready to become a partner in your business. We are ready to provide outdoor furniture in any amount. Wisanka Indonesia Group has 7 factories to support your orders. And all the orders that we get we can complete well.

For more information about your furniture needs, please contact us. Greetings from us to your beloved family. Hopefully always healthy and happy always.

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