ITWF Indonesian Furniture Manufacturers

ITWF Indonesian Furniture Manufacturers

ITWF Indonesian Furniture Manufacturers

ITWF Indonesian Furniture Manufacturers. Welcome to Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture (ITWF). We are affiliated with the Wisanka Indonesia group to meet furniture needs in countries around the world. We have been established since 1993 and we have experienced export furniture since then.

Indonesian wooden furniture manufacturers. Many furniture products that we have produced. Our furniture products have been widely used in companies, private homes, businesses and hotels. We are ITWF Indonesian Furniture Manufacturers specializing in making furniture from teak wood. ITWF produces quality and durable furniture products.

The materials we use in the production process are very abundant. Because we have a subsidiary engaged in supplying teak wood called MargiJatiMakmur. We are committed to contribute to protecting the forest. We only use wood that is old. By using old wood, the results in the production process will be maximized. Therefore, we can provide quality products to all ITWF customers so that many of our customers are satisfied. What they pay for what they expect.

Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture is an Indonesian modern furniture manufacturer. ITWF produces many furniture products that are loved by the global community. Our designs are unique and nothing resembles our products, except those who have purchased ITWF furniture products. You can check our full product, please, you can request the catalog in our marketing. Our marketing is always online, so you can contact our marketing via live chat below. You can explain your furniture needs to our marketing, we will help you.

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) at Indonesian Furniture Manufacturers is one small container. We open furniture orders from Retail Outlets, Interior Designers, Commercial Projects, and Private Labels. You are free to choose or mix furniture products from ITWF companies. So that at least one small container can be fulfilled.

The furniture products that Indonesian furniture manufacturers exporters produce are classic furniture, outdoor furniture, teak furniture, teak wood furniture, green furniture, reclaimed furniture, recycled furniture, teak classic furniture, wooden furniture, etc. You can mix the furniture in our company with each other. So that one small container can be fulfilled.

There are 7 furniture factories to support the orders from all our customers. There are 1 furniture factory in Cirebon, 2 furniture factories in Jepara, and 4 furniture factories in Solo. You do not worry about the products we produce. Every product that we produce does not escape from checking the quality control section. So the furniture products we produce are standardized. So it deserves to be used by all our customers.

Ordering and cooperation information, you can send an inquiry here. Or if it is easier you can contact direct marketing Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture via live chat below. Please explain what your furniture needs are and also inform where your nearest port is. making it easier for us in the shipping process.

Maybe that’s all for this article. Greetings to your family at home. Hopefully always happy and healthy always. We look forward to welcoming you on the live chat below. thanks.

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