Furniture Manufacturers in Jepara Indonesia

Furniture Manufacturers in Jepara Indonesia

Furniture Manufacturers in Jepara Indonesia

Furniture Manufacturers in Jepara Indonesia. Hello, welcome to ITWF (Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture), Jepara furniture manufacturers. Introducing us are Jepara furniture companies. Our company name is Wisanka Indonesia. We are experts in furniture manufacturing, Jepara branch company or Wisanka Jepara specializes in manufacturing furniture from wood-based materials. Either teak or mahogany wood. In ordering you can specify what type of wood you choose for your furniture. For consideration to determine which is better between teak and mahogany can check our article at

Teak Versus Mahogany Wooden Furniture

Jepara furniture manufacturer was founded in 1993. Joining the Wisanka Indonesia group which has since been exporting furniture to various countries in the world. Many products are sold and marketed overseas as well as domestically.

We Indonesia Jepara furniture manufacturers produce various kinds of furniture if you are interested in furniture from wood. The following are some furniture products from Wisanka Jepara. Namely classic furniture, teak classic furniture, recycled furniture, reclaimed furniture, teak wood furniture, teak furniture, wooden furniture, Jepara Green Furniture, etc.

Minimum purchase at Furniture Manufacturers in Jepara Indonesia is one small container. We are open for individual or business orders. You can also mix with our other products according to your needs. so that at least one container order can be fulfilled. We are also open to Retail Outlets, Interior Designers, Commercial Projects, Private Labels, etc. You can contact our marketing directly via live chat below. Or you can also directly send an inquiry here.

teak furniture factory
teak furniture factory

The wholesale price of Jepara furniture manufacturer (Wisanka Jepara) is quite cheap compared to other furniture makers. Especially furniture made from teak wood, surely the outside there will be very expensive. Because just getting quality raw materials is difficult. A good teak tree that is old and big. To reach this age will be very long. That’s why outside the area there teak furniture is sold at expensive prices.

You can get quality teak furniture here at low prices. Because we have our own teak wood supplier company. So for the production process we are supplied by a subsidiary of Wisanka Indonesia. And the price can be cheaper.

You to get the complete product that has become ready at Jepara Furniture Manufacturer can contact the marketing of Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture via live chat below. You can explain what your furniture needs are, what for, what are indoor or outdoor, what port is closest to you ?, etc. Please we are willing to be invited to free discussion in live chat. We are online 24 hours ready to serve you.

teak wood furniture manufacturer
teak wood furniture manufacturer

If you are curious about Jepara furniture companies, we can visit Wisanka Jepara at the following address:
Jl. Sultan Hadlirin KM 04 Langon Village RT 15 RW VII. Kec. Annual 59427, Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia.
Tel. +62 291 596 578
Fax. +62 291 596 579

Contact: Mr. Salim
Mobile/ whatsapp: +62 81126 43943

Thank you for visiting the Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture website page. We expect good cooperation between us. We are willing to be a professional business partner for you. Greetings to your family at home. Hopefully always happy and healthy always.

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