Teak Versus Mahogany Wooden Furniture

Teak Versus Mahogany Wooden Furniture

Teak versus Mahogany Wooden Furniture

Teak versus Mahogany Wooden Furniture. If you have ever wanted to buy high-end furniture products, maybe you need to study or search for information about the best types of wood. The choice can be seen based on the look you like, durable furniture, ease of maintenance, and so on, and all of these are important factors to consider.

You might also have seen the common room theme for “teak or mahogany” in the search for the perfect furniture. Both types of wood are the best for luxury furniture both for indoor and outdoor placement. But if we look more closely, the selection of furniture for these two types of wood is clearly different, and this difference will be explained so that you are not wrong in choosing a product that suits your tastes and needs.

Meanwhile, mahogany is more commonly used for indoor furniture and is often also used for outdoor use, so the comparison and information retrieval of the two kinds of wood is relevant. On the other hand, Teak is favored for outdoor use (we will get to why that happened).

Based on this choice of wood, there are two aspects that really need to be considered, because the price of this type of wood is more or less the same. Therefore, let us compare with each other, so it can be decided the best type of wood for the choice of indoor and outdoor furniture packages.

Visually difference
Perhaps the most obvious difference between the two kinds of wood can be seen physically which is the style or stroke of wood. Related to the style of wood there is nothing superior because it suits the tastes of each person. Here are the real differences between the two types of wood:

Teak Wood

teak wood furniture
teak wood furniture

Teak is honey-colored wood when first treated and over time the color changes to a beautiful silver-gray patina. Teak is commonly used in luxury ship decking. Teak wood has natural wood fiber that is tight, and usually, fibers are shaped in parallel, and the color is like a beautiful sun reflection, which partly explains the use of outdoor/outdoor.





mahogany furniture
mahogany furniture

Mahogany is a dark reddish-brown wood that fades with exposure to the elements, making it less preferred to be used outside when compared to teak. Mahogany is painted like a growth ring that does not cut each other, thus making it look more attractive. The color is warm and striking, which sometimes makes it more preferred in the use of indoor furniture.

Durability and Maintenance
Although both kinds of wood are hardwood species, and if you look closely there is only one winner that has been clearly seen.

Teak Class-A can last an estimated 80 years (outdoor use) with minimal maintenance. This is because the wood has a high oil and rubber content which makes it harder, more durable than mahogany. Maintenance is only needed more for cleaning to be free of impurities.

Mahogany, on the other hand, is estimated to last about 40 years (outdoor use), by no means bad, but it’s half the durability of teak. Mahogany contains less natural oil and rubber so it is less resistant in extreme weather conditions. So it is necessary to apply wood preservative for many years to prevent damage, even though the reddish color will surely fade.

Conclusion: Teak can last twice as long and requires less maintenance. Teak wood colors and grooves are also more elegant and long-lasting while mahogany fades with time, so the winner is teak.

In general, teak and mahogany are physically attractive, the difference is the adjustment of a suitable place for both types of wood. Mahogany is suitable to be placed indoors because the color reflects warm colors and wood elements that are less resistant to being placed outdoors. The quality of teak furniture is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, although its durability, age, and low maintenance make it the best choice in buying luxury furniture for inside or outside use.

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