How to Restore Teak Furniture

How to Restore Teak Furniture

How to Restore Teak Furniture

How to Restore Teak Furniture. Talking about home furniture is incomplete if it does not discuss wood furniture. Wood has become one of the furniture materials which is still a favorite of many people. Various types of wood can be used to make furniture, one of the most famous is teak.

Teak wood is one type of wood that is often used in the furniture industry to make various types of furniture, one of which is a chair. In terms of quality, teak is chosen as a material for making chairs because teak has longer durability compared to other types of wood. Therefore, teak chairs or minimalist teak chairs are priced quite expensive.

The durability of teak chairs or minimalist teak chairs can last longer if you take good care of them. It is not impossible, the wrong way to care for teak chairs can make teak chairs easily damaged and not durable. Check out the following teak chair care tips.

1. Clean regularly

The first teak chair maintenance tips, of course, do the cleaning regularly every week 3 times or 4 times a month. For how to clean it, you can use a small brush to clean the dust between the chairs. This treatment is very useful to prevent the growth of fungus on the sidelines of your minimalist teak chair.

2. Use Special Cleaning Liquid

Still related to how to clean teak chairs, use special cleaning fluid furniture such as pledge liquid or kits. Clean minimalist teak chairs with a pledge using a clean dry cloth. So that your minimalist teak chair stays sleek and maintained its color, you can use a little gel or wax.

3. Move Right and Carefully

When you want to put or move teak chairs, avoid dragging or pulling them back because it can erode the wood due to rubbing against the floor. The correct and best way to move teak chairs is to carefully lift them up at the cross-section or stand.

4. Place it in a Dry or Normal Temperature

Exposure to hot temperatures continuously can make the wood dry and shrink, causing cracks in the wood layer. Keep teak wood chairs away from equipment that emits heat or places exposed to direct sunlight, especially if you live in an area with high temperatures. Not only that, but the humid air can also provoke the proliferation of fungus or insects which are harmful to teak chairs.

5. Clean with the rest of the tea

Besides being healthy for consumption, tea has many uses, one of which is as a wood cleaner. For maximum color and shine results, dip a soft cloth in steeping black tea, wring the cloth, then rub it on a teak chair to clean it and allow it to dry.

That’s a glimpse of how to clean teak furniture properly. With the above method, at least you can make your teak furniture look more beautiful.

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