Proper Maintenance of Teak Outdoor Tables Teak

Proper Maintenance of Teak Outdoor Tables Teak

Proper Maintenance of Teak Outdoor Tables Teak

Proper Maintenance of Teak Outdoor Tables Teak. Welcome to Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture Manufacturer. We are a furniture maker in the city of Jepara, Indonesia. We export furniture to all countries in the world. Please contact our marketing via our live chat below. Products have the advantage of requiring very little maintenance. Therefore, this is the optimal choice if you do not have much time to maintain outdoor furniture products. The color tone of new teak furniture is light brown. Over time, the teak will gradually turn ash gray. You can choose to keep the traditional brown color or let the furniture turn gray.

The cost of products teak quite high but entirely consistent with durability and reliability and features less of  maintenance, however you should also regular maintenance of outdoor products teak so that they are in a state of complete best. Here are some simple teak furniture maintenance ways and saving time-that you can do at home.

Some basic steps

Regularly clean teak furniture with a brush. If the teak wood outdoor furniture is dusty, wipe it off with a soft soapy water mixture. Then, rinse and let the furniture dry. If you want to polish teak outdoor tables, always remember to let them dry completely.

Removing stains Stains

are hard to avoid, especially if your outdoor space is for partying. You should use a stain remover that teak outdoor furniture manufacturers recommend. If you do not have maintenance support, you can use regular cleaners. However, care should be taken when using these mixes as they are very bleaching. Your outdoor teak furniture
will probably turn back to the original light brown color.

Some notes

Although outdoor teak wooden furniture is resistant to rot and mold, you should also preserve them with care. Avoid exposing teak wood to wet ground. You should wipe off any water left in the rain to keep teak wood outdoor furniture fresh.


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