Refinish Teak Outdoor Furniture

Refinish Teak Outdoor Furniture

Refinish Teak Outdoor Furniture

Refinish Teak Outdoor Furniture. Welcome to Teak furniture manufacturer. We are a supplier of teak furniture. Indonesia teak wood furniture has been exporting furniture since 1993. We have experience in the world of furniture and take care of documents for furniture export. We are an official company and all of our activities also have legality Starting from getting raw materials to shipping. What does the right teak finish look like? To answer this question, it is better if we know the character of teak which is directly related to the finishing process. First, it should be noted that teak is considered superior to other types of wood because it has a beautiful grain pattern.

The fiber pattern can be seen clearly after the finishing process (usually due to increased sap). But for those who don’t like this picture of fiber, of course this is a problem. Thus, when choosing a finishing material, take into account the problem of the transparency of the film created.

Second, teak is a very durable wood. Teak is wood with a class I durability class. This means that you don’t really need to maximize the function of teak wood finishing as a protection or protection. You can be more “relaxed” by focusing on the finishing function from the aesthetic aspect.

Third, there are many types of teak. And each type has its own character. Both from aesthetics and durability. So, try to adjust the type of wood finishing that you want with each group.

At least with these three considerations, you can apply:

5 Teak Finishing Ideas
Making Young Teak Into Old Teak
One of the difficulties that furniture manufacturers must face is the color difference between old and young teak, or even between teak. This makes teak products such as furniture unsuitable for most groups. Thus, it is necessary to uniform the colors, one of which can be done through the finishing process. For this problem, you need to find out for yourself the specifications of the product used. Especially in terms of color and transparency.

Finishing Wax Polish
If you want a practical type of finishing, you can use a polish wax finish that doesn’t coat like paint. The wax polish will only make the wood sharper. For some who want natural teak wood color, this type of finishing is perfect. Some wax polish also has food grade quality which is very safe to use.

Generally, teak is finished with a natural type. Because, as mentioned above, this wood is superior because of its beautiful grain pattern.

Teak “Taste” Another Wood
It is not common practice to make teak to look like any other wood. But that doesn’t mean it’s rare. Just like changing young teak to look old, changing teak to make it look like any other wood can be done with the right teak finishing.

Semi Transparent
For those of you who want to show the beauty of teak wood patterns but are bored with natural colors, you can take advantage of solid colors in transparent finishing. Just buy a wood stain product with the color you want. do not use putty or base paint which is close to the color. If you want to flatten the teak surface to make it smooth, take advantage of a transparent putty or wood filler. In addition, so that the teak sap does not rise and damage the color, use a tannin blocking or sap blocker. You can also use clear varnish before the wood stain so that the sap doesn’t rise.

Those are some ideas and tips for finishing teak wood. May be useful.


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