Teak Garden Furniture

teak garden furniture ireland

Teak Garden Furniture

Teak garden furniture Ireland. The impression of a park or plot of land near a country house consists of many small details. And it often happens that everything looks great in its place, but something is missing.

And there is no cozy corner, a small space where you can spend time with family and friends, enjoying the moment. And the main component of this space is a nice teak garden furniture Ireland.

Nature protection

Teak wood is the ideal choice for high-quality and comfortable outdoor furniture. Not only is the texture and feel of the flower pleasant, thanks to the chairs and teak benches that look like a beautiful addition to a garden setting. The fact is that teak is an unusual tree.

A line of teak wood is filled with natural oils and resins. These substances, which are left in the tree after processing, and after the manufacture of furniture, function as natural preservatives, protecting garden tables, benches, chairs, sun loungers from the damaging effects of natural factors.

Reliability for decades

Teak garden furniture is not afraid of direct sunlight, high temperatures, and even winter snow. No fear of teak and humidity: rain, fog, melting snow, or hail. In addition, the protective effect of natural teak oil lasts not only for years but for decades.

Teak furniture can stand in your garden for 50-70 years, and even longer, while still pleasing to the eye and staying comfortable. At least this is due to the highest durability – not without reason that in the area of ​​natural growth local residents call teak wood an iron or stone tree.

Another important property of natural teak resins and oils – they are completely inedible for all types of insects, wood insects, and other enemies of garden furniture. Because of the saturation of wood with resin and its high strength, teak furniture and after 50 years will remain completely untouched by pests.

Easy maintenance

One problematic responsibility for garden furniture owners is the routine maintenance of wooden chairs and chairs. Teak furniture, in this case, is incomparable – no maintenance at all. No protective impregnation needed – this is made of teak wood.

No need to polish and restore smoothness regularly – teak is practically not aging and not curving. All your teak garden furniture needs are shallow wipes from road dust so that fine wood continues to look great. Reclaimed furniture

Noble nuance

When ordering teak garden furniture, you can maintain a soft and natural wood color. In this case, the surface of the tree will be covered with a special composition to protect from fading. However, many people prefer the “silver wood” effect: over the years, under the influence of the sun, the surface of teak has a noble silver or ash color.

Luxury for centuries

The history of the use of exotic trees began in the 19th century when Dutch traders began to bring to Europe surprisingly beautiful, durable wood from Indonesia. Because of its nature, teak soon gained popularity as a material for beautiful garden furniture in the best homes in France, England, Spain. Teak wood does not lose its current position. In addition, he found many other uses.

The decks and other wooden linings of most luxury yachts have been made of teak wood for more than one hundred years. By the way, the legendary Aurora Cruiser’s helmet is also made of teak wood – and it still looks good, which says a lot about the quality of this material.

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