Teak Furniture Factory

Teak Furniture Factory

Teak Furniture Factory

Teak Furniture Factory. Hello teak wooden furniture lovers. Welcome to Teak Furniture Companies. We are affiliated with Wisanka Indonesia company that has been supplying furniture to various countries in the world. Both for personal projects and corporate projects.

We require a minimum purchase of furniture in our company is one small container. Why do we require a minimum purchase. Because if we sell retail furniture it will be too expensive if the goods fall into the hands of consumers. Whereas we sell Jepara export teak furniture.

The sales target of ITWF (Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture) is personal and company with a minimum purchase of one small container. So whoever you are if you have fulfilled the purchase of a small container, we can send it wherever your country is.

You can also choose our products as you like. We produce many types of furniture. Starting from teak furniture, teak wood furniture, teak classic furniture, classic furniture, reclaimed furniture, recycled furniture, Jepara Green furniture, Wooden Furniture, Lighting Furniture, Teak Root Furniture, Rattan furniture, Contemporary Furniture, Colonial Furniture, etc.

You can also custom design furniture as you like. Or you can take photos of the furniture you want. We can reproduce the furniture that you like. Or maybe you have a personal furniture design that you specifically design and label your company name. We can make it for you.

Please contact our marketing via live chat below. Or you can also send an inquiry at Contact Us. Explain to us about your furniture needs. We will provide your input. Next we will provide an estimated cost that you will pay. We will also calculate the cost of transportation to the port closest to you. Please always inform us, which port is closest to you.

We ITWF (Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture) as teak furniture factory in Indonesia is supported by professional woodworkers in their fields for decades. Our company was founded in 1993. Since then we also export our best furniture to various countries in the world.

We teak furniture manufacturers. Where we have 7 factories to support furniture orders in our company. The 7 furniture factories are 2 in Jepara, 1 in Cirebon and 4 in Solo. So, whatever orders we enter, we will do our best.

While ITWF (Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture) is a teak furniture manufacturer located in Jepara City, Central Java, Indonesia. This city has long been a furniture city, Carved City. The popularity of the City of Jepara has reached countries in the world. Up to the top furniture equipment of State officials also use furniture from craftsmen in Jepara City.


teak furniture manufacturer
teak furniture manufacturer

In the city of Jepara grows the best quality teak wood. The teak we use is also supported by Solo, Bojonegoro and other areas in Java. ITWF uses the best Teak wood and the choice to get the highest quality furniture. We meet high standards. So that the furniture products we produce are really high quality.

If you are a furniture buyer in our company. If the current situation and conditions do not allow for immediate check in the field. You can request the original video from us about the production process of your order. That way you will receive an up to date report about the furniture product that you ordered.

So few words from me. Thank you for visiting the teak furniture manufacturers website page. Greetings from us for your family at home. Good wishes always healthy and happy. We want good cooperation between us. thank you

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