Teak Wood Furniture Manufacturers In Indonesia

Teak Wood Furniture Manufacturers In Indonesia

Teak Wood Furniture Manufacturers In Indonesia

Teak wood furniture manufacturers in Indonesia. Hello, welcome to Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture. A company engaged in the manufacture of furniture with raw materials from Java native teak wood. Strong, hard, not easily broken and durable.

Our production site is located in Jepara City, Indonesia. Jepara City itself has long been known as the City of Furniture. The city of Jepara is well known all over the world that the production of homemade craftsmen here is of high quality.


Teak Furniture Manufacturers Indonesia

The materials used in teak wood furniture manufacturers in Indonesia are also from reliable sources. So what we use in the production process uses selected teak wood and is old. This is because if teak is old, there will be very little water content in it. Furthermore, we are still drying the process to ensure that the wood we use in the production process is really high quality.

We are Indonesia Teak Furniture Manufacturer making furniture orders for all our consumers carefully and thoroughly. So that the results can match what is expected by consumers of furniture products made by ITWF (Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture).

Many furniture projects order Indonesian furniture. Both in Indonesia and all countries in the world. We accept furniture orders from both personal and company. The most important thing for us is that you order furniture to us on a wholesale basis.

For a minimum purchase of furniture in teak wood furniture manufacturers our company is a small container. You are free to choose the types of products we produce. For a complete description of the results of the production of Indonesian furniture, you can request a catalog from ITWF marketing via live chat below. Or you can also send an inquiry here.

Explain to our marketing of your furniture needs. If you have a custom design can also be sent to us, for us to produce furniture according to what you design. Our bureaucratic process is very easy. You only need to inform us which port is closest to you for shipping. We will take care of it to the port closest to you.

We teak furniture manufacturer not only produces furniture about teak furniture, but we, ITWF also produce various other furniture such as classic furniture, teak classic furniture, reclaimed furniture, recycled furniture, wooden furniture, Jepara Green Furniture, outdoor furniture, lighting furniture, rattan furniture, etc.

ITWF expects mutually beneficial cooperation between us. We want to be a good partner for you. We provide various kinds of furniture of the highest quality for you. Greetings from us to your beloved family at home. Hopefully always healthy and happy always. Thanks

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