Teak Garden Table And Chairs

Teak Garden Table And Chairs

Teak Garden Table And Chairs

Teak Garden Table And Chairs. Where to buy quality and reliable Teak Garden Table And Chairs Online ?. Here the place is making furniture made of high-quality teak wood. You can contact our marketing via live chat below or you can also send an inquiry on the Contact Us page. You are free to order by sending furniture designs according to your wishes or you want to reproduce certain furniture models we can make for you.

The need for garden furniture or outdoor furniture is quite important for someone. Especially those who have tourist attractions, cafes, restaurants or others really need strong wooden furniture and good design. Do not miss too, some people also use it as home furniture. The application of teak garden table and chairs furniture is suitable for with family while drinking coffee while looking at the same sky. So romantic right?

Where do you need a strong table and chair and a charming design? Usually people tend to use it in bedrooms, offices, children’s rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, outdoor furniture, garden furniture, patio furniture, kitchen rooms, etc.
We as a company engaged in furniture are able to make according to your order. The minimum order that we require is one mini container. And you are free to mix whatever furniture you need. And we will send it according to the specified time target.

teak garden table and 8 chairs
teak garden table and 8 chairs

Various kinds of tables

The board is the main furniture that has got to be within the dining room. Function? Obviously to place the food down in order that the entire family can enjoy food comfortably without the necessity to carry the plate constantly. Among so many dining table models, the most popular among the people in the minimalist dining table.

The minimalist dining table itself has various types, such as a folding minimalist dining table or minimalist dining table made of glass. In order not to be curious anymore, just refer to several types of minimalist dining tables that you can use in the following house!

  1. Minimalist breakfast bar dining table
    The minimalist dining table in the form of a bar is usually integrated with the kitchen island or other parts of the kitchen. The shape is elongated and quite high, around 125 cm to 150 cm. To be able to enjoy the food at this minimalist dining table, you must use a chair with high legs too. The breakfast bar is suitable for enjoying drinks and snacks while chatting casually.
  2. Minimalist dining table with pedestal legs
    In addition to a minimalist dining table with 2 table legs, there is also a dining table that only has 1 table leg. This minimalist dining table is called a pedestal table. This type of table generally has a round shape and is of medium size. The legs of the table are in the center of the table with a number of blocks as the base.
  3. Minimalist dining table with sawhorse legs
    Minimalist dining table legs do not always have to be straight and have 4 table legs. A minimalist dining table can also look unique thanks to a table leg with a sawhorse shape or a triangle-like shape like this.
  4. Coffee table for putting drinks and snacks
    When you receive a visit from friends or family, you will gather in the family room. This visit will not be complete without serving drinks and snacks. This has become a tradition for the people of Indonesia.

    With the presence of a coffee table, you can put drinks and snacks in the middle of the room. Compared to other tables, a coffee table is small to moderate in height around the knees of an adult. Besides drinks and snacks, you can also place magazines or flower vase decorations on it.

  5. Console table to decorate the corner of the room
    In addition to a minimalist dining table, there is also a table to place decorations or displays. Tables like this are called console tables. Usually, this table is placed near the wall near the family room or residential entrance area. On it, you can put photo frames, flower vases, magazines, and so on.
  6. Minimalist folding dining table
    Need an additional minimalist dining table when there are many guests coming? You can use a minimalist folding board like this. When not in use, you can store this folding table in a warehouse.

    When you want to use it, you can unfold it and place it where you want it. This folding minimalist dining table is suitable for you who live in small residences or often hold gatherings in the backyard.

  7. Minimalist Japanese-style dining table, chabudai
    When viewing Japanese films of old, you will often find minimalist dining tables with short legs. This minimalist short-legged dining table is called Chabudai.

    Because his legs are short, people who eat around this table must sit cross-legged using a cushion in the form of a sitting pillow. If you use the dining table like this, can you sit cross-legged for a long time or not?

    teak garden table and 6 chairs
    teak garden table and 6 chairs
  8. Bedside table, nightstand
    The table which is next to the bed or commonly referred to as the nightstand is small in shape. However, its presence should not be underestimated. A bedside table or also known as the bedside table is useful for placing small and important objects such as glasses, watches, books, glasses, or cellphones.

    The goal is that you can immediately take the object after waking up or using the object without having to get out of bed. Isn’t it true if you have to walk to the end of the room to find glasses or drink?

  9. End table in the corner of the family room
    Almost the same as nightstand, end table size is small and often overlooked. Usually, this table is placed next to the sofa or corner of the room. Use as a place to put decorations such as flower vases, table lamps, or photo frames.

    Very simple, but can add to the aesthetics in the room. If you want to use this end table, adjust it to the interior style.

  10. Minimalist dining table with glass material
    The minimalist board with glass material has several advantages. Among these is a small dining room can look more relieved because the table is transparent. In addition, the room will also look brighter. Glass material is also easy to clean.

    However, this minimalist type of dining table also has some drawbacks such as the material that breaks easily when hit by collisions. When eating also must be careful so as not to cause scars. Therefore, this minimalist dining table with glass material is not recommended for families with children who are still actively moving.

  11. Minimalist dining table gateleg
    The next minimalist dining table is the gateleg dining table. This gateleg minimalist dining table is a table whose leaves can be folded. The table which is often referred to as the drop-leaf table was popular in the 16th century in England. While needed, this tabletop can be lifted and the table size increases.
  12. Minimalist abstract dining table
    The dining table does not always have to be round, square or rectangular. You can use abstract tables too. For example, a minimalist abstract dining table made of large wood. This abstract dining table can create a dynamic and natural impression.
  13. Minimalist dining table with ceramics
    Ceramics that have been embedded in people’s minds as floor coatings, it turns out can be used to beautify the dining table. This minimalist dining table with a ceramic-covered surface is easier to clean when exposed to food spills. His ability to withstand the burden has also been tested. To look beautiful, choose brightly colored ceramics with symmetrical motifs.
  14. Minimalist dining table with trestle legs
    A table usually has 4 legs in each corner so that the weight of the table can be balanced. Different from other table shapes, this minimalist dining table with trestle legs only consists of 2 table legs.

    Even though it only has 2 table legs, its balance and strength are guaranteed thanks to the framework that is connected between the 2 table legs. Coupled with a horizontal beam as the base.

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