Furniture Manufacturer Factory in Jepara

Furniture Manufacturer Factory in Jepara

Jepara Furniture Manufacturer

Furniture Manufacturer Factory in Jepara – Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture is a wood furniture manufacturer in Jepara Indonesia that specializes in beautiful teak furniture which is exported worldwide. This beautiful Indonesian furniture has a modern design including inside and outside the room. Our entire furniture collection is made from the finest Indonesian teak wood to meet the global demand for high-quality teak furniture.

Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer

Furniture Manufacturer Factory in Jepara. The wood used to produce our teak furniture is grown in Indonesian teak plantations. After harvesting, all teak is dried, eventually producing solid teak wood products.

We export more than one hundred shipping containers of beautiful teak furniture a year to various countries on five continents namely Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Australia. With many happy customers, our business continues to grow year after year.

Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture is a leading teak furniture manufacturer in Jepara Indonesia, creating high-end indoor and outdoor modern teak furniture. Our collection includes tables, chairs, benches, shelves, bookshelves, chest of drawers and more. Every teak furniture that we make goes through a comprehensive production process that meets quality control standards for export.

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It starts with very carefully selecting the material and checking each part during the production process until it is packed for shipping. Every step along the way ensures quality.

Various designs and pieces included in every collection of Indonesian furniture produced by Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture can meet the market demand for high quality teak furniture.

We really hope you enjoy our collection of original Indonesian indoor and outdoor furniture made of the best solid teak wood. If you need additional information or have questions about our products, please contact us.

You can contact us via live chat below. We will respond immediately. If you need furniture with your own design we can make it according to your request. Or you want to plan to reproduce certain furniture You can provide sample photos to us. We can reproduce 99% similarity according to your request.

Our success in the field of furniture until now Wisanka company can make 6 furniture factories spread across Java to support furniture orders from all over the world. We are online now, please contact us immediately.

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