If the past 2021 has taught us anything, it’s very important to value our homes and spend time decorating them and adapting them to our needs. In it, the bedroom is where we rest and rest at the end of the day to find peace and well-being. It is the most private and intimate room in the house. For that, we have to spend extra time to decorate it.

As furniture specialists for the home, we’ve researched the latest trends in decorating double bedrooms and have compiled a list of 4 tips to let your bedroom breathe design and, at the same time, be your personal oasis.

1. Don’t skimp on bed

As we mentioned, the bedroom is a place of worship to rest and relax, so choosing a mattress and headboard is key. Find out what type of mattress is best for your back and, likewise, choose the headrest design that best suits your style. An example of a functional design and headrest is the Teak Wood Furniture from Wisanka Indonesia, which has a built-in table or shelf,

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2. Everything is organized and stored

One of the nicest sensations at home is having your room tidy, without visual noise, with everything well tucked away. For a double bedroom, it is important to have a custom made wardrobe. A wardrobe that fits like a glove for everything you’ll be storing in it: suits, skirts, pants, sandals, shoes, accessories… Plus, having other extra furniture like a chest of drawers or a chiffonier will give you storage space and touch designs that require lodging.

3. The importance of natural light

Having a good source of natural light is ideal for all rooms and homes, but that possibility isn’t always there. For this reason, the placement of furniture in a double bedroom is very important. No part should intercept the passage of natural light. The distribution of furniture should be carried out taking into account the location of the windows. In addition, light colored furniture and walls, which are trending this year in the bedroom, help to reflect light and multiply the brightness of the room.


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4. A touch of color with the bed

In any room décor, textiles are key because they can add a touch of color or be a part of breaking the monotony of an overly simplistic or neutral space. In this case, try not to neglect the bed. Choose sets that combine with each other and with the rest of the decor and make sure they are made with quality materials and are soft to the touch, like our bedding collection.

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