Ideas for Decorating a Country House

ideas for decorating a country house

Ideas for Decorating a Country House

Ideas for Decorating a Country House . Are you one of the lucky ones, who has a second home , located near the countryside, in your grandparents’ village or in the mountains? If you are thinking of redecorating and giving them a more modern touch, without abandoning traditions and roots, today we propose some ideas for decorating your country house with rustic furniture and decor that is very fresh, relaxing and comfortable. We tell you what the keys to this aesthetic are and how to adapt them to your own projects. Attentive!

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Country furniture is ideal for equipping a country house or small mountains, surrounded by nature. Styles and lines were already characterized by the types of construction and materials used at the time: clay floors, ceramic décor, handcrafted wooden furniture and even, especially for the exterior and areas near the fireplace, wrought iron furniture and accessories. All 100% handmade and original!

Utilize the elements you have as a base to enhance your re-decorating projects and preserve the traditional and original essence. Even if you’re going to modernize your home and give it a more modern touch, you shouldn’t forget how comfortable it is to have furniture with a family history and decorative accessories, inherited from previous owners or purchased second hand, at an antiques flea market. You can find real gems! For example: who says you can’t combine a rustic, urban-style wooden table made of reclaimed wood, with an old-fashioned rug, wicker basket, clay pot, or tile?

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In the current country style environment, you can combine different aesthetic influences. With them, you will be able to give a personal touch and more life to your country house. Depending on your favorite style, you can choose one effect or another. For example, if you are a lover of modern or Nordic style, you can incorporate some traces in a rustic decor, betting on furniture with straight lines and a rustic touch, combined with white walls and Nordic or modern textiles. On the other hand, if you like classic and vintage style, a good option is to choose Provencal or Mediterranean style furniture. It will be framed perfectly in your town house and will give it a more elegant, relaxed and feminine touch.

One way to apply this style is to bet on vintage or classic furniture, with a beige finish, slightly worn. By combining it with the rustic atmosphere of your country house, you will achieve a stay full of charm, elegance and naturalness. This furniture has smoother lines than rustic furniture, incorporating decorative elements such as cross supports, curved legs, and the combination of lacquered wood with natural wood surfaces. The results are amazing!

Another way to give your country house a different touch is to opt for colonial-style furniture with a rustic, worn and handcrafted finish. In the case of  bedroom furniture, which you can see below in these stripes, we see how natural Galician pine wood is combined with marble applique trim at the headboard, bedside table and mirror. To this bedroom furniture set, simple rugs and current line decor, in patented glass, wood and leather, were added.

On the other hand, if your trend is the latest one, like Nordic or industrial, we have ideas for you too. Did you know that a slightly rustic, rustic finish blends perfectly with industrial line furniture and with Nordic minimalist accessories? Absolutely true! For example, here we show you the headboard and side table set from the Maney collection, made of mindi wood. In both parts we can perfectly see the cut and grain of the wood, adorning the front of the furniture. Overall, to give it a special touch, the table has wrought iron handles.

After we passed the dining room and bedroom, we had to stop in the living room to show us two more ideas, before finishing. In this simple and relaxed living room environment, we see a three-seat sofa with a removable cover in ivory, accompanied by two distinct side tables (one with more rustic lines, the other more classic) with lamps with wrought iron legs. Opposite it, the coffee table , consisting of two small tables made of old and recycled pine, with slightly turned legs and worn finishes, blends perfectly with the rustic vibe of today’s air.

Finally, we present an environment that fits perfectly with all the furniture that we have shown you. In this case, rather than rustic furniture, we are dealing with a modular living room in the Provencal style: the Tercien model. This living room furniture, although featuring more subtle lines and soft white lacquer, will pair perfectly with two side tables or with any rustic coffee table, available in our online furniture store. If you want to renovate your country house and customize it to your taste , we offer endless possibilities and alternatives, with which you can complement and decorate any of your surroundings.

Find furniture for your second residence online. You can look for these or other different rustic and Provencal styles at Teak Furniture Manufacturer. The key to any remodeling project is to choose furniture that makes you feel comfortable, both in style and composition, and then add accessories, textiles, and a touch of personality, here and there, to make this up-to-date country house, your ideal country home. Let us know your suggestions, doubts and proposals in the live chat below!