Furniture Suppliers from Indonesia

Furniture Suppliers from Indonesia

Indonesia is a paradise of life for various kinds of plants. Plants with large wooden cores are often used by craftsmen to make furniture. Not only trees that have a large core that can be used as furniture. Other trees that can be used as interesting furniture such as water hyacinth, bamboo, etc. Now you are on the right website page, namely furniture suppliers from Indonesia.

Furniture Suppliers from Indonesia

In this era, with the Covid-19 pandemic, it is enough to limit our space to see furniture manufacturers directly. By coming directly to the furniture craftsmen in Indonesia, we can see and supervise the furniture craftsmen that we order for our resale or for our own furniture needs.

If we look through the internet, we can easily get furniture suppliers from Indonesia. Through a trusted website and also we can check whether the company’s social media is actively providing new content or not.

We also need to see their products on the website of furniture suppliers in Indonesia. Does he display the photo in real or just a mere edit.

Consumers can ask for active marketing on the website or can chat directly on social media to get more information. Like asking for a complete catalog of furniture and prices to estimate the furniture needs you want to buy.

Furniture Manufacturers in Jepara Indonesia

To make it easier for you to find the right furniture supplier from Indonesia, you need to look for furniture manufacturers in Jepara Indonesia. It is true that there are other cities that have many furniture craftsmen, but these craftsmen are not yet official.

We usually export furniture from our customers asking for several legality certificates ranging from felling the trees used to shipping. We, Jepara Furniture Manufacturer, have been exporting furniture since 1993 until now.

During this pandemic, we are grateful that there are still many who buy furniture in our company. Both from within the country and abroad.

In selling furniture products, the Jepara furniture manufacturer company limits the minimum purchase of one small container.

If your purchase is still below the minimum order quantity from us, you can invite your friends, relatives or family to jointly buy furniture in our company. So that one container order can be fulfilled.


How to Buy Furniture from Indonesia

Then how to buy furniture from Indonesia?. There are several documents that need to be prepared. Starting from the company’s legality documents, the legal wood used and other certificates that the production results use safe and harmless materials.

An easy way to buy furniture from Indonesia if you are currently abroad is by (we assume you buy Indonesian furniture through this website). You can contact Jepara Furniture Manufacturer’s marketing via the live chat below, you can also send an inquiry via email.

At the next stage of marketing we will ask for your furniture needs. Do you use your own furniture design or do you want products that are in the furniture catalog from our company.

After you have approved the type of furniture product and the amount of furniture you want, we will produce it according to your order.

Then we will send the furniture order to your address. All furniture products when we send all of them have been packaged safely. So that after arriving at your house, all furniture products made by Jepara furniture are safe and in good condition.

Indonesia Furniture Industry

Then where can you find the Indonesian furniture industry?. You can find quite a lot of Indonesian furniture industry in the city of Jepara. Like we have a furniture industry in the city of Jepara. You can visit our factory at the address:

Jl. Sultan Hadlirin KM 04 Langon Village RT 15 RW VII. district. Annual 59427, Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia.
Tel. +62 291 596 578
Fax. +62 291 596 579

Contact : Mr. Salim
Mobile : +62 81126 43943
Email :

Jepara Furniture Indonesia produces various types of furniture. We produce furniture according to your order. There are various types of furniture that we produce and sell to all of our consumers. Starting from classic furniture, teak furniture, wooden furniture, and reclaimed wood furniture.

So much furniture that we produce. Consumers can choose for themselves depending on what is needed. There is a complete furniture catalog that can be used as a reference by consumers. As I explained above, Jepara furniture manufacturer produces several types of special furniture for all Indonesian furniture manufacturer consumers.

Well, if you need furniture in large quantities, we have seven furniture factories spread across several cities that are ready to support furniture production for your company.

We are also willing to support furniture for individual purchases. However, we limit all orders to a minimum order of one small container. If you meet these criteria, please contact us via live chat below. Thank you furniture suppliers from Indonesia.