Strong Teak Wood Furniture – Really?

Strong Teak Wood Furniture - Really?

Want to buy teak wood furniture? Until now, furniture made of teak wood is still the prima donna in Indonesia. Teak wood is one among the foremost superior basic materials for home furnishings. The main characteristic that draws teak wood furniture is its fantastic durability and sturdiness . However, is it true that teak is that the strongest material for furniture?. Strong Teak Wood Furniture

Teak wood is known to have strong durability

Teak wood is understood because the strongest and toughest material. Teak wood is also durable even when used for a long time and is not easily deformed or damaged. The high density level also makes teak wood not easily rotted like other woods. Not only that, this wood can also be resistant to water, humidity, and extreme weather conditions. Changes within the weather, which is usually an epidemic for furniture with other wood materials, have absolutely no effect on the standard of furniture made from teak.

These are some of the reasons why many people prefer to invest by buying furniture from teak wood. Compared to buying cheap furniture that is easily damaged, it is better to choose teak wood that can last for more than 100 years. Strong Teak Wood Furniture

Termite resistant and easy to maintain

Termites or other insects will not be a match for teak. This is because teak wood contains a strong oil so that it is resistant to insect, fungal or termite attacks.

Teak wood furniture is also easy to clean without having to spend a lot of maintenance on it. You simply clean the furniture from teak using a half-wet cloth and wipe dry with a clean cloth. It’s easy right?

The best quality from original teak wood from Jepara

If you want to buy furniture from teak wood, choose teak furniture made in Jepara. Most of this artificial teak wood from Jepara has a much higher value because the quality standards have entered the international scale. As the center of teak wood industry, Jepara is a city that has a majority population who work as wood carvers whose skills are passed down from their ancestors from generation to generation. For that, choose the needs of teak wood furniture by buying it directly in Jepara.

In addition to buying furniture from Jepara, you also have to make sure the teak wood furniture you choose is 20 to 30 years old. The older the teak wood raw material used in furniture, the more sturdy the construction will be. To identify old teak wood, it can be seen from its denser fiber arrangement, its very heavy weight and reddish-brown color.

The finish is smooth with distinctive strokes

The character of the fiber and the distinctive color of teak wood also has its own characteristics and appeal. From the golden brown color to the distinctive motifs, the appearance of teak wood is very attractive from the outside to the inside. Not surprisingly, teak wood furniture is often sold at a higher price.

Quality furniture can also be seen from the even coloring in all parts and all the wood pores that are covered in finishing. In addition, the finishing layer is quite thick and not too thin. When touched by hand, the surface feels smooth and not bumpy.

Can be a long term investment

Although the price is expensive, but its use can be up to 50-70 years at least. If divided per year, the investment of furniture made of teak wood is much more profitable than other types of wood which lasts for 20-30 years on average.

Investing in teak itself is no longer an open secret in the woodworking world. In the stock market itself, investment continues to increase from year to year. Could it be that the teak wood furniture that you have is offered at a higher price in the next few years?

So, having teak wood furniture is not only a matter of having beautiful furniture for housing, but you will also get financial benefits and different prestige from teak owners. Interested in collecting teak wood furniture?


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