Hello, welcome to Jepara furniture Manufacturer. Adding outdoor gazebo is a kind of perfect way to increase the pleasure you get from being outdoors. It will also become another way to entertain guest outside house. Further it has a wide range in size, design, and material. So that it will be very easy for you to find out the perfect one for you and your yard. Further, do not forget to find out the most comfortable one for you. Since, outdoor gazebo is the place outside the house you can spend your time relaxing and enjoying view. You might not need to worry being exposed by sunrays or even rain. 

Outdoor gazebo grows and becomes famous day by day. One of the most famous one is wooden outdoor gazebo. And, wooden outdoor gazebo has quickly become very popular. It became a kind of the most favorite outdoor furniture in all circles. Not only because of the beautiful shape but also has some functions which are needed by many people.

One of the functions of wooden patio gazebo is as a place where you can have BBQ time with your whole family member. You can make it as a wooden gazebo outdoor kitchen for special events. Or, it can also be used as an outdoor wooden gazebo with a bar when you want to entertain friends or family. But the most common is used as an outdoor living wooden gazebo. When the weather is good, the sun is warmly shining, you can spend your time with your spouse and your children in the back yard. You and your spouse can sit on outdoor living set and make coffee with some pancakes on a plate and a glass of honey. While children run around here and there spending time doing some outdoor activities which are so much fun.

Wooden patio gazebos in the form of circles, octagons, or rectangles are some of the most common and easiest forms of gazebos to find. About sizes, these are very varied, these come in different sizes. Because this wooden gazebo is placed outdoors, it must be able to withstand various weather and seasons throughout the year. So it must have construction, material, and also finishing which is able to handle various things that he will face throughout the year. Because it’s not just sunshine, rain, wind, cold temperatures, and even snow.

Talking about outdoor wooden gazebo construction, sure that all of us agree if a good construction is strong especially to withstand the wind indeed. It should have some big pillars to support the roof. Installation and also the jointing should not be arbitrary. The two must be sticked to each other so well. So that there will not be a single gap able to make it shift easily. Especially if the outdoor wooden gazebo roof uses heavy materials so strong construction is absolutely needed. Some of the materials that can be used as an outdoor gazebo roof are as follows: outdoor spec fabric, solid wood, rattan and natural fiber which is covered with tarpaulin underneath, and there are several others.

Basically all types of outdoor wooden gazebos must be made of very strong and durable materials. The most commonly used for wooden patio gazebo is teak wood. Teak wood is also the most desirable one – especially is Indonesia teak wood, even though it is more expensive than the other wood. Teak wood has beautiful honey brown color with wooden grain that is amazingly beautiful and captivating. But as all natural material characteristic, it will be beautifully ages over time. The color will change from brownish, turning to silver-gray. This is very beautiful.

Then due to finishing, outdoor gazebos require staining and sealing. Of course, before applying staining and sealing, we have to make sure the wood is completely dry. This is very necessary one to do so that the stain and seal can seep perfectly into wood. Do not forget, before staining and sealing, you have to do special treatment to get rid of fungus and insect attacks.

Even though our outdoor wooden gazebo has met the required criteria, such as: having a strong construction, using durable wood, the right finishing materials have been applied, but over time, of course, the outdoor wooden gazebo will be damaged. Moreover, exposure to direct sun ray, rain, temperature that rises and falls, all of which will accelerate the occurrence of damage. So it is needed to take care certainly. And, here are some tips of how to maintain outdoor wooden gazebo that can help our wooden gazebos last longer.

The first thing to do is preparing a permanent base and matching the outdoor wooden gazebo that we will have. So that your wooden gazebo does not have to touch the ground directly. Directly touching the ground will make it very easy to get termites. In addition, the water content in the soil will make the wood moist and brittle quickly.

The second on is clean from dust and dirt. Dust and dirt which is stuck to the wooden patio gazebo will increase the risk of damage. How come? Dirt that accumulates is favored by various animals – insect especially. They will come and damage your gazebo. Moreover, dirt that sticks thickly on the gazebo will catch moisture and store it, so the wood will crumble quicker. Well actually, you should not have to clean and wipe it everyday. Just keep it’s floor clean from waste. Then just clean it a bit more after couple months later.

The third one is applying wooden stain and seal must be repeated regularly within a certain time span. This is very important because this staining and sealing protects your wooden gazebo from UV rays, moisture and temperature changes. They will also help the wood retain its color. So it doesn’t fade easily. But of course the stain and sealing that will be used is specifically for outdoor use.

If you can do some of the three things above, then you will get an outdoor wooden gazebo that last for years longer. But again, reminding that before buying, you have to make sure the following points: the item you buy is in accordance with your requirement and comes from a trusted supplier. The trusted supplier in question is one who is well versed bout outdoor wooden gazebo.

We, Wisanka, are one of many suppliers of outdoor furniture in Indonesia. We established in 1993. During its development, we also made outdoor wooden gazebos. This is slightly different from outdoor furniture because to make it requires special techniques and knowledge of materials and wooden construction. So we learn and explore knowledge continually to create an outdoor strong, durable, and also beautiful gazebo. We have a team of designers who are able to create beautiful gazebo designs. Some of our designs are featured with carving on some parts of the wooden gazebo. We also make a gazebo with a simple design, consisting of several straight poles with beautiful natural colors. In addition, we have made an outdoor gazebo which brings out a natural impression. It has a leaf roof and four pillars and a wooden floor. Our production team is also a team that is good at making gazebos that meet outdoor spec criteria and are also of strong construction. So you don’t have to worry about coming and ordering an outdoor gazebo for you to take home. Several times, we do wooden Gazebos for sale events at certain times so you will get good prices for extraordinary items.

to order all kinds of models that you meet, please submit photos of the gazebo products you want to our marketing. marketing Jepara Furniture Manufacture is ready to help you anytime. Contact us via live chat below. We are ready to accept orders for gazebos from you with an order of the model you like. thank you

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