How to Buy Wholesale Furniture

How to Buy Wholesale Furniture

How to Buy Wholesale Furniture

How to buy wholesale furniture. Maybe the question arises when we want to pass a moment were approaching a certain season. For example, I will give an example now that it is approaching summer. soon summer will arrive soon. Usually, furniture stores will stock their wares before summer arrives.

For furniture store owners who have long played in the furniture store business, they must be proficient in exporting goods to and from abroad. For new business people, it would be quite difficult if the seller is not friendly and cooperative.

Then how do you import furniture from abroad? In the following, I will briefly explain how to import furniture for your furniture store. And in this article on how to buy wholesale furniture, I will uncover the secrets of selling furniture at the cheapest prices, friendly marketing, and assisted until delivery arrives at your location. Well here’s how to import quality furniture from abroad that is not easily damaged.

1. The first way to find companies that sell furniture that has many products.
Why does it have to have many products?
The more products produced by our furniture company, the easier it is to research products that are sold in our stores. For example, in summer, the best-selling products are teak wood furniture. Why do you have to use a teak? You can first read the benefits of using teak in making furniture.

Then which company recommended selling a lot of products suitable for outdoor furniture? The answer is Wisanka Indonesia. The Wisanka Indonesia company has been operating since 1993. Until now the focus is on selling and handling furniture projects in Indonesia. For more information about furniture projects that we have worked on, you can look at Wisanka Indonesia furniture projects.

Wisanka Indonesia has 6 furniture production factories. Each factory produces different furniture. Some focus on rattan furniture, reclaimed furniture, classic furniture, teak wood furniture, mahogany furniture, etc. And we are a branch in Jepara. You can check a small portion of our products in the product menu above. Here we only show a small part of Jepara Teak Wood Furniture products, because our product photos are widely misused for other websites. So if any of our customer’s requests, you can directly chat with marketing on the live chat below. Or you can also send an inquiry to us at Contact Us.

Well before going too far, we will ask you, Have you ever known the City of Jepara in the Province of Central Java, Indonesia ?. Jepara is a furniture city that has been famous since 1549. So it has been a long time since furniture developed in Jepara City. For a complete history, you can read about the History of Furniture Development in Jepara City

2. See the time difference & contact the seller
You can test by sending an inquiry or you just ask about furniture products via the existing chat feature. If the time needed is faster and friendlier, it can be categorized as good. If the response is fast and friendly, maintain it. Able to trial your order

3. Try asking for a list of products/catalogs and company profile
This is very useful for studying the profile of the furniture manufacturer. If the company is good, then the track record must also be good. Still related to number 2 above. If the response time is fast in providing a list of products to you. It can be maintained to be your furniture material supplier.

4. We assume you have researched what furniture is selling well in your area. Next, mark the picture sent by the furniture salesperson. Then send it to our marketing. We will calculate the price for you.

If you buy furniture in our company, you are free to mix products according to your wishes. You can even invite other furniture entrepreneurs to join in buying furniture if you need less furniture.

5. Ask for legal wood letters, free of using hazardous materials,

6. Ask how long the furniture manufacturing process will take, how long will it take to arrive in your country.

7. If you are suitable can proceed to make the design. For example, you like the photo of product A. While product A has a size specification that is too big or too small. You can consult your needs with our marketing. If all products are deemed suitable, then the next process in the production process.

8. During the production process, try asking for photos or videos of the ongoing process. If in our company, we are always ready to send our production process, because our customers cannot come directly to oversee our production process in a furniture factory in Jepara.

9. Delivery process. this shipping process, our marketing will inform you. Proof of delivery and various other documents to you. And I will inform you if your order has arrived at your nearest port.

10. The process of transportation to your store

11. Done

Now we have explained above the easy process of how to buy wholesale furniture in our company. Come on for you while summer is still a few months away. Immediately stock your shop with the best furniture from us. Our production process is fast and easy to buy.

There are more questions for beginner importers, for example, how to buy furniture at wholesale prices ?. We have explained above how to buy furniture at wholesale prices. The wholesale price in our company is much cheaper than the retail price. And usually, a company class will not serve retail class sales. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) of our company is 1 x small container. So, it’s quite small in size as a small container. It can be used for a small size furniture store.

How to buy wholesale furniture for resale?

how to buy wholesale furniture for resale is the way we buy a lot of furniture products at much cheaper prices. For example, we buy furniture products at Here it sells a variety of furniture made in Jepara. You can buy cheaper prices and sell them in your country more expensive. Because in your country the price of teak is very expensive. This is because there are not so many good teak forests.

How to buy wholesale furniture online?

Namely, by opening the website then chat marketing with live chat available. Explain your furniture needs. Next is price negotiation, if the deal continues the process of mock-up furniture according to the needs you want. The process of sending photos/videos of the ongoing production process by marketing to you. Furthermore, the delivery process is carried out after the production is complete.

How to purchase furniture wholesale?

how to purchase furniture wholesale is by visiting the website of the furniture manufacturer. One of the things we recommend that professionals in the field of making teak furniture are This company has been exporting furniture to various countries in the world since 1993. You can purchase furniture wholesale at cheap prices here. You can explain your furniture needs by marketing on the live chat on the website, or you can send an inquiry on the Contact Us page.

How to get furniture wholesale?

One of the best ways you can look for it online. You test one by one in a simple way, namely by live chat. If the response is less than 15 minutes, you can proceed to step to request a list of the products. then ask according to your needs until the delivery process reaches you.

How to get furniture at wholesale price?

You can find it online at Wisanka Indonesia websites. You can chat directly by saying your name, your mobile number, and your email contact. also, include your furniture needs like you. You will get free how to get furniture at wholesale prices

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